I’m a Lucky Dog

Dallas here.

Mama’s busy with something she calls a “deep edit” of her novel-in-progress, so I’m commandeering her blog again.

You don’t mind too much, do you?

You see, I’m stuck inside because of the weather — again — and nobody can expect me to sleep all day.

Have you seen my Christmas present? It’s awesome. It’s a DUCK!

Hello, Duck

Hello, Duck

Mama never forgets me at the holidays (I’m part of the family, you know), but that long car ride south made me completely forget Christmas.

And presents hidden in crinkly wrapping paper.

Imagine my surprise when I saw Duck.

He’s got a squeaker that sounds like a honk, legs, wings, and lots of different materials for tugging.

Sometimes Mama helps him fly down the hall, but when he refuses to fly back, I have to go get him. She does this over and over. I’ve got her well-trained, wouldn’t you say?

Here I come, Mama

Here I come, Mama

What’s really fun is when The Kid (Domer) comes home. He’s better than I am at pulling Mama away from that work of hers, and when she’s free, she and Domer pay attention to me.

Which makes perfect sense.

What’s a doggin for if he can’t get his peeps to have some fun??

And for some reason, Domer thinks it’s fun to bury me in my toys, like so:

So many toys!

So many toys!

When we travel, Mama has to pack a separate suitcase just for me and my stuff!

Because this trip was all about me, don’t you know?

And if she hadn’t brought along some of my toys, I’d have stolen her laptop more often and played blogger.

Bet she’s gonna buy me something new, just to reward me for pitch-hitting this time!

Yawn, I’m tired now. Think I’ll take a little nap. Me and Duck.

Night Night

Night Night

26 thoughts on “I’m a Lucky Dog

    • Mama really should groom me, but she’s got her nose stuck in that book of hers. Thanks for the compliment — yes, Christmas was wonderful. I’m ready to celebrate it again!

  1. Dallas, I love when you post! And hey, I am so diggin’ your Duck Christmas present!

    “Sometimes Mama helps him fly down the hall, but when he refuses to fly back, I have to go get him. She does this over and over. I’ve got her well-trained, wouldn’t you say?”

    Yes, absolutely! And I love that photograph of you walking down the hall, carrying Duck. You have got the most handsome little face!

    Also, I love the last shot of your taking a nap with Duck. PRECIOUS!

    Please tell Mama that I hope her editing is going well.

    And thanks again for posting, Dallas!

    Woof! Woof!

    • Mr. Ron, if I could blush, I’d be doing it! Thanks for your kind words. Mama took that photo of me sleeping while she was watching a football game. I’ll be glad when her editing is done, too — she’s paying far too little attention to ME!!

  2. I love this, Debbie! I believe Dallas has stolen my heart. Now I’ll have to get my fluffy Golden Retreiver, Max to do some pinch-hitting in the blog arena. 🙂 Good luck with your final edits.

    • Kathy, I hate to encourage Dallas, but every so often, he loves playing blogger. Thanks for reading. I’m sure Max would enjoy getting his “two paws worth” on your space, too!

  3. Great photos of Dallas – and I love the duck. The photo of him coming down the hall with it is great. I don’t know much at all about dog breeds – I thought Dallas would be more of a herder than a retriever. On the other hand, maybe he is herding that duck around!

    • His breed is herding, but he found out as a pup what fun it is to “fetch,” and he never seems to tire of it. I’m not sure I’d want a true retriever — they tend to like water (puddles, etc.) and I think I’m part cat because I HATE being wet, ha!

  4. This is too cute! I adore that last photo, napping with the duck! Cybil is sitting on my lap as I read this, but I’m not letting that kitty near my blog any time soon 🙂

    Good luck on your editing. For me that’s the hardest part of writing.

    • I can’t believe I captured him while he was sound asleep — normally, I don’t have a camera anywhere near me when he does something cute! You’re not going to let Cybil blog? Aw, c’mon, Janna, you know she wants to!!

    • Dallas never was much of a chewer (good for the furniture, ha!). And it’s funny, but he doesn’t seem too interested in all those toys by himself — now, if Mama “helps” them move and squeak, that’s when he wants to play. We can’t help spoiling them, can we?!

  5. Now THAT was adorable!!! You made me miss my dearly-departed doggie so much. I love that shot of him loping down the long lonely hallway. Give him a kiss and a hug for me please!

    • Thanks, Jann. Dallas is grateful for the kisses and hugs — sorry about your doggie who went to the Rainbow Bridge. He (she?) will be waiting for you there, you know, no matter how long it takes!

  6. Dallas, you are SO much kinder to your toys than my Lucy is to hers! Oh, she loves and appreciates them and they make her so happy! It’s just that she loves them a little too fiercely, and before you know it, her toys are nothing but a pile of string and shreds. Since Christmas, a cute stuffed beaver and an equally cute stuffed reindeer have been gutted of their stuffing and ripped to pieces. Lucy will probably only get Kong toys from now on. They’re less destructible!

    My kids do things like Domer does too. Lucy doesn’t put up with it, but Nana’s dog lets the kids bury him in all of his “babies.”

    Dallas, you are such a cutie!

    • Have you tried the unstuffies, the kind that doesn’t have stuffing? Dallas really loves those. They serve as tug-toys and chew-toys, and most come with squeakers. Dallas isn’t much of a chewer, but he does have a way of mauling his “babies.” Some of the toys from his puppy days (ones with stuffing) have long since bit the dust. Lucy has a beaver? Dallas has one, too (an unstuffy), but he’s already “blinded” it!!

  7. Dallas, you remind me of young Oliver Twist. He’s mad about his toys and I have a house that is more like his playpen. But Henry, who is 6, no longer plays with toys. He thinks they’re boring. Imagine that!

    • Dallas just turned seven and is still a playful pup! But even with all that, I haven’t been able to trash much — he’s fairly gentle with most of them (except this ball that I should have tossed away a LONG time ago, ha!)

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