Just What Constitutes Improper Dressing?

When we were in Gulfport, we stopped by a local UPS store to check how much it would cost to send my son a Mardi Gras King Cake.

Carnival season is extra-long this year, thanks to a late Easter, so the partying and frivolity kicked into high gear before we could make it back to Illinois. And no way was I going to let Domer miss out on something he loves so much (if I could’ve shipped Dallas, both my guys would’ve been thrilled, ha!)

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Is that feeling more than just the blues?

My mother is the latest in her family to be diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D, to recap what we learned in health class, is the “Sunshine Vitamin.” Our bodies need D to help absorb Calcium and to strengthen our immune systems.

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Comfort Among the Dead

Some of our greatest treasures we place in museums; others we take for walks. — APlaceToLoveDogs

Dallas here.

Mama is working on her novel, so she gave me permission to commandeer her blog again.

Permission — hah!

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Blast from the Past

When we were in Gulfport, Mama gave me a stack of memorabilia including photos, notes, etc.

Not that she’s parceling out her things in preparation of “the Great Beyond.”

No, these are my things. Things she was tired of saving for her nomadic daughter.

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An Indoor Sand Castle?

For the past seven or so years, a Florida company has traveled to Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, MS, to “build” an immense sand sculpture.

Before we left for the frozen North, I got a chance to take some photos and learn a bit more about this project.

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