Ripping Dallas on TNT

Call me a prude, but last night’s season finale of Dallas on TNT proved to be raunchy, tasteless, shocking, and disappointing.

Now I realize not everyone who reads “Domermom” watches this show. That’s okay. Your time is valuable. Feel free to move on — just don’t leave forever!

I also realize TV viewers have a choice when it comes to the shows they watch.

However, I’m a die-hard Dallas fan. Have been since the original series premiered back in the day.

And as such, I feel totally qualified to rant on Monday’s episode.

On what planet would a young man of Christopher Ewing’s lineage take up with a ranch hand girl — someone with a mean-as-a-snake soon-to-be-ex-husband and a young son?

Who believes that suddenly, Southfork Ranch has become more important to Bobby Ewing than his own wife Ann? And after Bobby chastises her, Ann immediately runs crying to her sorry, mama’s boy, ex-husband Harris. For real?

And it seems to me that after bringing the recovering alcoholic Sue Ellen back home to Southfork, somebody would have seen to it that the liquor cabinet was put under lock and key. Nope, they leave open bottles all around the place — kind of an engraved invitation for her to chug away.

So we have yet another fire at Southfork? Been there, done that. Guess they have to purge the sets every so often. But you’d think they could dream up something a bit more realistic — say, a tornado. Yep, North Texas is prime tornado-striking zone, and a twister would rocket that ranch right off its foundation.

But the biggest eewww-gross of all was the threesome among John Ross, his wife Pamela, and his mistress Emma. The “ladies” are dressed in identical emerald green lingerie and get the ball rolling. Who saw THAT coming?

Yes, the shock-and-awe factor was alive and well, but some of us (I, for one) were completely disgusted and had to turn away.

Writers have always pushed the envelope when it comes to world conditions — poverty, racial tension, unsafe working conditions, injustices. But entertainment writers, it seems to me, have an obligation to entertain, not pander to prurient interests. Certainly not lead consumers down the road toward Hell.

As with the much-talked-about finale of How I Met Your Mother, the season finale of Dallas was disappointing at best and nauseating at worst.

C’mon, writers — Do Better!!

17 thoughts on “Ripping Dallas on TNT

  1. OMG Debbie…not being a TV watcher, I had no idea they even brought Dallas back??! And from what you’ve shared here, it doesn’t sound good.

    Back in the 80’s, however, I was a HUGE Dallas fan, as well as Knots Landing. In fact, I remember the season finales being so great, that I could hardly stand to wait until the Fall season started because the cliffhangers were brilliant!

    Also, back then they never really showed you every single titillating detail to the more sexy scenes, they left that up to your imagination. Nowadays (and even in movies), it’s so blatantly thrown in your face, that it loses its power.

    Great vent. And well said!

    • Ron, you humble me that you came along for my rant — thank you!
      I loved Dallas back in the day — Knots Landing and Falcon Crest, too. Remember that “big hair” and those huge shoulder pads, ha?!
      This series is billed as the next generation, and things have certainly changed (not necessarily for the better). I’m with you on the “titillating details” — perhaps that’s why I love old movies, which left a LOT to the viewer’s imagination rather than slapping you in the face with them. I think most of us are tired of the overly sexual, the bloody gruesome, and all that — or at least I am, which is why I don’t watch much TV any more.
      Have a fabulous Tax Day!!

  2. I don’t watch this show, but I can relate to your feeling of disgust, because I have seen things that made me ask, “they’re allowed to put that on network TV now?” It keeps getting worse and worse.

    • Thanks for reading, Janna — I appreciate it the more, hearing as how you don’t watch this series.
      It seems they keep trying to get away with more and more. More violence, more sex, more shocking behavior, more profanity. Do I sound Victorian?? I’m not, but neither do I appreciate all this “in your face” stuff.

    • And?? What did you think about HIMYM’s ending? I watched it, too, and was far from impressed. I’d have thought loyal viewers would be treated to a memorable conclusion; instead, it failed to resonate for me. Writers have such a burden to tell meaningful stories — I don’t think we can just gloss over that or shirk the responsibility.

  3. Don’t ever ever watch Shameless. Don’t even ask how I started to watch it. The only saving grace is it so well acted and written that I worry about the characters during the week. So glad it is over.
    Dallas. I loved the original Dallas and it was never cheap. I would have been disappointed too. Good point about the tornados!

    • I loved the original version, too. Perhaps with this one, they’re trying to appeal to a younger demographic, folks used to seeing EVERYTHING and shocked by nothing. I guess I find that sad because it’s the older ones (generally) who have the most disposable income. No, I haven’t been watching Shameless, but I understand people find the actors talented and the storyline interesting. Thanks for dropping in to read my rant!

  4. Do you know I’ve never seen Dallas, not even in its first go-around? What you describe, and what’s been said about some other shows, is a good part of the reason I tossed the televisions. I know, I know. There are good things on PBS, etc. But the fact is, if someone recommends a particular program, I can get it from Amazon or the library.

    I just don’t have any taste any more for what passes for popular entertainment. I used to listen to a bit of sports talk radio while I was working, just for a change — but now, all they do is yell at one another and use crude language (to put it mildly).

    It is disappointing to see a show, once good, head downhill. So far, the one I still follow (NCIS) hasn’t given in to the trend. Maybe that’s why it’s so popular.

    • Linda, thank you for assuring me I’m not the only one! “Dallas” always has had a bit of the soap opera about it — the conniving, the glamor, the continuing storyline — but some of us at least don’t see any need for it to become pornographic.

      You know, I had to nod when I read your comment about the sports talk shows. Some of the TV talk shows have gotten just as bad, and frankly, it gives me a headache to listen to people screaming at each other. The rough language, I’m afraid, isn’t particular just to the radio either.

      Seriously? You tossed the TVs? Now I’m very impressed — you must get a LOT done that way!!

  5. When I saw the Dallas was coming back, featuring some of the beloved characters from the first Dallas series, I was so excited. For Dallas and Knots Landings were my favorite shows for many seasons. Never missed them. It gratified me to see JR, Bobby, Sue Ellen and even Cliff Barnes. Though I wanted to see more of Lucy and Ray, too, not just at parties/funerals. Then I started getting into the new characters and storylines. But I agree with you. The finale was kind of crazy and you are so right about Sue Ellen. Why is there so much liquor in that house?? Sue Ellen should stay with me. You’d be hard pressed to find any here!

    • Me, too, Monica! We have a wine bottle that was bought about a hundred years ago for some special occasion and never opened. Now it just keeps hanging around, taking up space. One of these days, it’s going out!
      It’s nice to “meet” another fan of the old Dallas. I guess I’m probably dating myself, but it was sooo much better back then. JR was THE master conniver, and I looked forward to what he dreamed up next — John Ross could be made into the same type of character, but I don’t need such blatant and intense sex scenes to keep me interested. A little intimation goes a long way!

  6. So sorry that after so much dedication to this show, the finale was so disappointing! I was watching t.v. the other night and stumbled across the Duggars (19 Kids and Counting.) I stopped surfing afterwards and actually enjoyed seeing a family so dedicated to each other and to their faith. Too many television shows today push the limits.

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