Nearly Wordless Thursday

This was the view outside my kitchen window yesterday evening:


An almost perfect full moon in a pink and purple sky. I thought it too lovely not to share!

Today we have spitting rain, blustery winds, and grey skies. Can Ole Man Winter be far behind?

Why doesn’t Fall stick around a lot longer?


By the way, November’s full moon is referred to as the Full Beaver Moon, or the Frosty Moon, take your pick.

Have a super weekend, everyone!

19 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Thursday

    • Thanks, Terri. I wasn’t sure there was a special name for it, either, but I figured that if there was such a thing as a Blue Moon, Harvest Moon, and the like, maybe this one had a name, too. Who knew??

  1. Debbie, being such a HUGE lover of the moon, I REALLY enjoyed these shots. I love the moon whether it’s half-full, crescent, or even covered in a blanket of clouds. However, there is nothing more beautiful than a FULL moon on a clear night.

    Thanks so much for sharing, my friend. Have a super weekend!

    • I feel akin to the moon, too, Ron (must be in my natal horoscope!) I find myself unable to quit staring at it, especially when it’s full and the night is clear. It’s almost magnetic!! Glad you came along to enjoy it, too.

    • Isn’t this return to “normal” time awful, Janna? I remember working in an office and driving home in the dark — wasn’t my cup of tea! I much prefer the dark being in the morning, though evening dark sure made it easier to buckle down and do homework as a kid!

    • Thanks, Monica. “Frosty Moon” is a pretty name, but I dread the thought of all the cold that’s sure to be on the way. “Beaver Moon” is a term I hadn’t heard before, but I rather like the image of those little rodents busily preparing for winter!

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