Merry Christmas to all!

Domer is finally home for the holidays!

One of our favorite places to get in the Christmas spirit — ever since he was little — is an immense lighting display put on by our community’s tourism office at a local park.

Sponsored by area businesses and individuals, the Lightworks is truly a magical sight to behold. Car after car creeps through from just before Thanksgiving until almost New Year’s Day, many occupied by college kids home on break, grandparents and grandkids, and visitors from out of town. Live nativity scenes are held there on weekends, and volunteers accept donations in exchange for candy canes.

I pressed Domer to help me capture some of the wonder (because, besides being a good photographer, some of the displays were on his side of the car!). Please enjoy:



Trimming the tree

Lighted tunnel

Lighted tunnel

Santa snoozing at fireside

Santa snoozing at fireside

Penguins and igloo

Penguins and igloo


Train laden with gifts

Train laden with gifts



Oscar the Grouch

Oscar the Grouch

Nativity scene

Nativity scene



Fire-breathing dinosaur

Fire-breathing dinosaur

Another dinosaur

Another dinosaur

Angels like this one form a border around the park

Angels like this one form a border around the park

Friendly reminder to use seat belts when exiting the display

Friendly reminder to use seat belts when exiting the display

Saved my favorite -- this Celtic cross -- for last!

Saved my favorite — this Celtic cross — for last!

Note: I’m going “dark” for a week or so. I might have one more post before the end of this year, but in the meantime, I have college football bowl games to watch, a turkey feast to enjoy, my son to spoil, my business website to redesign, and that novel to finish, among other things. Ambitious, huh?!

Merry Christmas to all of you, and thanks for being such encouraging, wonderful online friends. Just think — if not for blogging, how many of us would have ever met??


28 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to all!

  1. Lucky you to have your son home. My daughter is still en route. Her flight was slightly delayed. The display of lights is beautiful. We have something similar here. Fun to see. Enjoy your holidays with Domer!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Monica. Hope your daughter had a safe trip home — know you’ll both enjoy the holidays together (and she surely will love getting out of the cold for a few days!)

  2. OMG, Debbie, what a faaaaaaaaaabulously festive light display! I especially love the one of the angel!

    Have a wonderful time with Domer because I know how happy you must be to have him home for the holidays! And like you, I will be taking a break from blogging, so I completely understand.

    Wishing you and Domer a VERY Merry Christmas!

    And thank YOU for being such a wonderful online friend. So glad we met!

    Cheers and X!

    • Thanks, Ron! Angels are just really special, aren’t they? I can’t even begin to count how many scrapes my Guardian Angel has pulled me out of! Guess I’m working him overtime, ha!

      Merry Christmas to you — enjoy your break, and we’ll catch up when 2015 rolls around (that sounds like a LONG way off, doesn’t it?!!)

      {{{{ You }}}}

  3. What a great light display — and how nice that you could enjoy it yet again with Domer. Enjoy the festivities, and don’t wear yourself out with all those lofty goals!
    Christmas is meant to be a celebration, not a chore — at least, that’s what my friends and I remind each other!

    • Sadly, there’s a pressure we “solo-preneurs” put on ourselves any time we manage to take off a few days — get STUFF done before the paying clients storm our doors once again! I wake up with all these Grand Schemes, then at the end of the day, find myself wondering where Time went. I fully mean to enjoy the holidays, but the “boss” in me is cautioning me loud and clear that I can’t fully rest until I’ve accomplished something, ha! Oh, well, perhaps it’s a good thing I ENJOY work!! Merry Christmas, Linda!

    • Is it really you, Hipster?? Golly, I’ve missed seeing your happy face around these parts, ma’am! “Bossy Frosty” is a good name for him — I noticed he’s one of the newer displays — wonder if the local police had a say in setting him up as cars exit the park? Happy Christmas, my friend — are the kids coming home, or do you get to fly somewhere warm?!

    • I absolutely love having Domer home — no kid turns down a bit of spoiling, does he??! Hope your Christmas is wonderful, Suzi. Thanks for coming along with me this year, and I hope to see you (and enjoy your words and pictures!) in 2015!

    • Why, thank you kindly, Professor! It’s been great getting to know you, and I wish you only the best in the new year. Enjoy your Christmas (and your time off). Hope there are presents under your tree for those darling doggies!!

    • Absolutely true, Katybeth. And it’s made even more wonderful by the friends and family around us. Even those we’ve lost somehow seem closer at this time of year; wonder why that is?? Happy Christmas to you and your family — perhaps this will be a white one?!!

  4. Thank you so much for the pictures of the light display. We have one in my neighborhood but I didn’t get to see it this year so ….thanks. That is a lot of stuff to get done. But you are superlady so I know you’ll knock it out of the park LOL!. Have a great Christmas! God bless you and you’re family…..and dog too!

    • Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement, Tanya! I’m glad we met in the virtual world and know that one day, we’ll meet again — won’t that be grand?! Merry Christmas to you and yours, and I’ll see you in the new year.

  5. What a festive display, Debbie! Thanks for sharing. How wonderful to have Domer home again. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas together and a New Year filled with more good things. xo

    • Kathy, I’ve missed seeing you around here, but I know you’re so busy, what with your book out and all. Any time you decide to visit is a good time! Thanks for your friendship and your thoughts — I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas, too! Here’s to a successful 2015!

  6. Great lights! Dominos (of Dominos pizza) used to do a huge display at their corporate office grounds, don’t anymore…but it used to stop traffic for miles on the freeway that ran alongside. Glad your son has made it home for the holidays; that’s the best gift of all! Merry Christmas!

    • Dallas can’t seem to get enough of Domer — follows him all over the place, waiting for hugs and playtime! You’re so right — his presence *is* the best PRESENT. Hope your Christmas was wonderful, too!

  7. Debbie – thank you for sharing these pics! I know you were thinking of us when you took them and appreciate the time you took to draw us into the festivities. Nothing so sweet as light (of any source) during the deep, dark winter.

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