One Last Goodbye

You’re in pain,

And I’m sorry.

I didn’t cause it,

Can’t absolve it.

I hate seeing you hurting.

Hate watching, helpless,

as you close off from the world

and those who need you.

Hate seeing the spark he so loved

seep right out from your soul.

Just know that I’m here

When you’re ready to talk

Or need a shoulder to cry on.

To reminisce over happier times

And sunny days.

How his eyes crinkled

When he told a joke.

How safe you felt

Wrapped in his strong arms.

How right it seemed

Spooning together through the night.

I know your house cries empty tears now.

If it’s any comfort, I miss him, too.


Note: When I wrote this, I was thinking of an older lady/friend of mine, who lost her beloved husband to cancer last year. Sometimes even our best intentions fall short, and all we can do is be there, when of course we’d prefer making it all better!