Love in the Afternoon

Note: I don’t usually write poetry. This one came to me out of nowhere (after reading it, you’ll probably say I should’ve left it there!). But we’re all friends, right? So I’m open to criticism, suggestions, comments. Here goes:


He’d never believed in Love at First Sight.

Until now.

Right. This. Moment.

She cruised in, looking far more captivating

than anyone had a right to do on a Tuesday afternoon.

Wearing a black-as-midnight dress,

Silver shoes,

A come-hither look in her eyes.

And when the lights found her, she glowed.

Summoning courage, he made his way toward her.

Head uplifted, heart pounding, shoulders squared.

Would he be enough man for her?

“Sorry, pal. She’s taken.”

Stricken, he gaped at the killjoy dousing his flaming desire.

Then he saw the sign affixed to her rear window —


And his heart fell.