Soon a Memory


Lovingly cultivated
In tropical climes
Holiday decoration sublime.

Tended with care
Protected from cold
Everything right, I’m told.

Leaves keep dropping
Bracts look wan
Now the festivities are gone.

Fading foliage
Scarlet to blush
Herald to ultimate hush.

19 thoughts on “Soon a Memory

  1. Ahh, the January/February plight of the beloved Pointsettias. I’m amazed that my two rather large cream colored ones are still thriving – yet I’m sure the leaves falling stage is not far away.

    • I read somewhere that it’s really good to get one to live through Valentine’s Day, so perhaps we’re doing something right, Barb! I think putting them in the right temperature is key. Good luck with yours!

  2. Beeeeeautiful verses, Debbie!

    Isn’t nature amazing? It’s such an inspiring lesson to us that like life, nothing is constant; it changes. Like a flower, it blossoms and flourishes, then it changes form; only to blossom and flourish again!

    Happy Wednesday, dear friend!


    • Beautifully said, Ron! Somehow, we get sad seeing such beauty pass, but I’ll bet somebody somewhere is counting on all these Poinsettias dying off so they can sell us new ones next Christmas! Have a super week, my friend!

  3. Of course, some of us get to live with wild ones all year long! It’s easy to keep the potted ones down here, too. My mom’s record was five years, I think. They will grow as houseplants. The trick is to take off the foil so it doesn’t hold too much water, cut it back, put it in better soil, and set it in good light.

    Or, you could just say “the heck with that,” and buy another one next year!

    • Five YEARS??? Oh, wow, that’s got me way beat! If I can keep the thing past mid-February, I’m doing good. Your mom must have a green thumb (or an absolutely perfect growing technique!)

      I think folks keep the foil on because it’s pretty. And festive. Of course, after the holidays are over, it’s served its purpose, hasn’t it? Yep, usually it’s just easier to toss it out when its leaves all drop and get another one next Christmas!

  4. Nice poem! I love poinsettias, but it would make me sad when they died. (I never have them in the house because with three cats, I’m pretty sure at least one would try to eat it and I’d have more messes to clean up!)

    • Hey, Janna — I’ve missed you! I empathize. I had to put this one on top of a rather tall table so Dallas wouldn’t bother it. I don’t think he’d try nibbling on Poinsettia leaves, but his appetite lately has been rather voracious, so I’m not chancing it!

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