Spring is Coming…Really!

“The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size.” — Gertrude Wister, horticulturist

Yes, the calendar still says Winter, but some of us (including me) are longing for Springtime. And despite Juno, Linus, and all those ridiculously-named winter storms, Mother Nature is preparing for a new season.

Here, take a look:


Central Illinois got a bit of snow — mostly heavy, wet stuff mixed with rain that turned almost instantly into a slushy mess — over the weekend, but I couldn’t resist taking my camera out to show you what I found.


Yes, daffodils. Peeking up through the leftover Fall leaves and Winter snows.

Right outside the front door.

A promise of sunny days to come.

And for those suffering the “Winter Blahs,” here’s what this patch of lovelies is going to look like:


I don’t care what that groundhog says. Spring will get here, sooner or later!

24 thoughts on “Spring is Coming…Really!

  1. It will be a lovely spring, because it hasn’t been terribly cold, but we’ve had (so far) just a nice amount of snow. I think the plants need a proper amount of snow to truly be revitalized in the spring 🙂

    • I think you’re right. I know if the temps don’t drop enough, things like fleas and ticks will proliferate and poor dogs (and their owners) will be simply miserable!

    • Glad you enjoyed them, Audrey. I’d be worried about them if I didn’t know it will be WEEKS before they actually open up! I think bulb plants need a certain amount of cold and snow. We’re a lot like that, too — adversity can bring out our kindness and beauty, if we’ll let it!

    • I think you’re 100% right. I read something this morning that said they never even dragged that little guy out of his hibernation for a forecast. Can you imagine?? They just got together and made it all up! How crazy is that?! By the calendar, we KNOW it’s going to be six more weeks of winter, but Spring will arrive in 46 more days!!)

  2. Today it’s hard to be optimistic about spring. We are snow stuck. Fortunately I was able to book a flight tomorrow for ABQ. It’s a long story but has to do with not being able to get a cab, or down our alley even in a 4 wheel drive vehicle. The flight was canceled 2 hours after it was due to depart. In any case Daffodils are my favorite flower. So fun. The minute my window sill Christmas paperwhites die, I buy pots of Daffodils to brighten up things up again. I’m sure we have sprouts but it might be awhile before we see them. I have a feeling February is going to make up for the snow we didn’t have in December and January.

    • Oh, I’ve been thinking about you, Katybeth. Thanks for the update, and I sure hope your flight can leave on time tomorrow. You deserve a break, you know, and y’all have surely been socked with snow. We got a slushy mess, much of which has melted in today’s sunshine, and that’s more than enough for me. After January, I don’t particularly want any more snow — the Southerner in me is ready for warmth, ha! I didn’t know Daffodils are your favorite flower — perhaps Cole should buy you some for your return??

    • Stupid groundhog. *growls* Intelligent people should never put their faith in a rodent, even if one is kind of cute! I’m assuming you watched the Big Game? I did, and I will accept any thanks you’d like to offer for my support of your team (they won, you know!) And it was a MISSISSIPPI young man who made the play of the game!!

      • *laughing* Very true. I hear rodents aren’t the wisest.

        I watched most of it! And many thanks! The professor is very proud that you were pulling for the Pats. Now you must do so next year as well… Was he from Mississippi? That was amazing.

    • Glad to see a smile on your face, Barb! Something about sunny yellow flowers amid all the greyness of winter gives hope to our hearts. I think I need to find a warm sandy beach, ha!

    • You and me, too, Kim! I know this winter (thus far) has paled in comparison to the beast we had last year, but it’s still been too harsh and long for me. Hugs to you, and here’s hoping the snow will ease far back to the North Pole!

  3. “Central Illinois got a bit of snow — mostly heavy, wet stuff mixed with rain that turned almost instantly into a slushy mess — over the weekend..”

    It was the same here in PA, Debbie. Last night while I was walking home from a meeting at work, it was snowing A LOT. However, when I woke up this morning it had turned to slushy rain. Although, I heard we’re getting more in the next couple of days. I have a feeling that this month we’re going to get hit with the snow we missed for the past two months. February and even part of March can be very wintery.

    But hey, before we know it, SPRING will be here!

    Beautiful photographs of the daffodils!

    Have a super week, my friend!

    • Thanks so much, Ron! I imagine you’re right about Winter hanging on for the next couple of months. Just when I’m ready for the whole mess to be over, too!

      Somehow, December snow FEELS right, you know what I mean? With the holidays and all, a white Christmas seems picture-perfect. But I must have spent too long down south, because I’m used to a gradual warming once February rolls around (and catching sight of these Daffodils-in-the-making reminds me that we’ve still got lots of Winter left).

      Happy first-week-in-February, dear!

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  5. I’m such a strange duck. I’m not at all ready for spring, since we’ve only just moved into the bare-branch time of year. But my preferences don’t count at all. Today I saw some sort of large tree completely bedecked with white blossoms. I’m really not sure what it is. I may stop tomorrow and ask. It’s gorgeous, that’s for sure.

    We’re rainy and relatively cold: in the forties. If I could put in an order, I’d like 40 at night and 60 in the day — and sunny, of course. That way I could get some work done, but not feel like we’ve already made the turn toward summer. As you know, it comes fast once it starts coming, and then it’s oven time for a few months.

    • Linda, your 40 at night and 60 in the day works for me, too. How well I remember those months in Texas where I’d go to bed at night and notice the temp still hanging in the 90s! Hard to get anything done when it’s that sultry.

      Your tree sounds lovely. Yes, definitely find somebody to ask what it is. I’ll bet there’s a story nestled somewhere, too, and you’re just the person to flush it out! White blossoms in February? Hmm, now you’ve gotten me wondering!

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