18 thoughts on “(Nearly) Wordless Tuesday

  1. Aw…what a sweet capture, Debbie! OMG…Dallas is sooooooooooo ADORABLE!

    That’s right, I forgot that today is Mardi Gras!

    Have a terrific Tuesday, my friend!

    X to you and Dallas

    • It’s easy to forget today is Mardi Gras when there’s no celebration, no special foods, no decorations, no parades, nothing! Kinda makes me miss being in Gulfport at this time of year, ha!

      Dallas thanks you for the compliment, Ron — have a super day!

    • Gee, I suppose my somewhat lopsided tree could pass for a Christmas tree, if you discount the lack of ornaments and star at the top! Nope, he’s not bored. He was catching a nap when I hunkered down to get his picture, and he woke up just long enough to wonder, What’s mama doing now??!

  2. Ah, Dallas, don’t you look relaxed! I wish I was able to attend Mardi Gras! My sister had the chance to do so one year and to this day swears it’s one of the best times she’s ever experienced! I love the idea of donning an exotic mask, wearing and catching plastic beads, and dancing in the streets! 🙂

    • One year, I got to ride a float in a night parade, dress in costume, and toss out beads, dear Bella, and I’ve got to say, it was a blast — nothing like it at all! If you ever get the chance, do try to attend. The colors, the pageantry, the crowds — oh, yes, what good times!!

    • If he even dreamed he’d have to give up FOOD, Audrey, he’d be one miserable pup, ha! No, he’d been sleeping and woke up (sort of) when I pointed the camera at him and clicked a photo.

      Aw, y’all had a parade and King Cake?? Now, I really miss being in the south!! Hope it was wonderful!

    • Thanks, Kb. Hope you’ve successfully battled your bug and are back in the land of the living. Those things are noooooo fun!

      By the way, I had to Google “plum ponchik,” and it sounds delicious! My area was settled by more Germans and Irish, very few from Poland, so I doubt I could even find a handful of folks here who know what that treat is. Thanks for educating me!

    • HaHa! No Mardi Gras parties for him, Janna, though he does like to overeat. Winter is especially rough because we can’t get outside (though that treadmill is helping keep him in shape!)

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