Happy B-day, Domer


May you live a long life
Full of gladness and health,
With a pocket full of gold
As the least of your wealth.

May the dreams you hold dearest
Be those which come true,
May the kindness you spread,
Keep returning to you. — Irish Blessing

Happy Happy Birthday to the BEST SON EVER!! Love you bunches!

23 thoughts on “Happy B-day, Domer

  1. Happy Birth-Day Debbie. Cheers and beyond to you for being the best MOM ever.
    Mothers and fathers hold their children’s hands
    for just a little while…
    And their hearts forever.” – Irish Saying

    Happy Birthday Domer!


    Beautiful post, Debbie! Love the photo! And I want to chime in with My Odd Family and say, you’re the best mom EVER!

    Have a grrrrreat weekend, my friend!

    • Gee, thanks, Audrey. Yep, he’s very amazing. It always is, to see how the gene pool distributes itself! What a nice compliment, ma’am — I thank you!

    • Thought you’d appreciate this one, Professor! *laughing lots* Domer does love his guitar, though I think the acoustic is taking a number one position (which may or may not be temporary!) As for his “derby,” well, yeah, he loves that, too, but doesn’t wear it near often enough. The shirt, I’m afraid, has found a home in the rag bin. I’ll pass your wishes along to him — thanks!

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