Turn It Off!!

Winter, you have worn out your very last welcome. Me

Forecasters were right on target yesterday when they assured us we were in line for an additional 4-8 inches of snow (the last tally I saw indicates we got at least six).

I don’t know about others, but I’ve had it Up To Here with winter!

Snows are magical in December. They usher in the holidays, bring a crispness to the air, quieten things down. Christmases are supposed to be white, chestnuts are supposed to roast over an open fire, sleigh bells are supposed to ring, people are supposed to go over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house on snow-covered paths.

But snow in March is crazy. The birds and bunnies want to get about the business of having their young, department stores have brought out shorts and swimsuits and flip-flops, Easter is right around the corner (and who wants to wear a coat and mittens over her pastel dress??).

Since nobody asked my approval of this latest misery, I’ll just leave you with some photos. If you’re in a sunny place, you can sympathize; if you, too, have a snow-covered yard, you can empathize!

Japanese maple branches covered in snow

Japanese maple branches covered in snow

Same Japanese maple wearing fall colors

Same Japanese maple wearing fall colors

Snowy bush

Snowy bush

Snow-covered holly

Snow-covered holly

Snow-filled back yard

Snow-filled back yard

Snowy weeping cherry tree

Snowy weeping cherry tree

Weeping cherry in spring

Same weeping cherry in springtime

Snowy crepe myrtle

Snowy crepe myrtle

Crepe myrtle in bloom during the summer

Same crepe myrtle during the summer

25 thoughts on “Turn It Off!!

  1. Hi Debbie! Oh dear you are buried under snow? I hope it goes away soon so that you and the bunnies can have a nice Easter 🙂 I am sending you warm thoughts and an invite to come here to western Canada where we have no snow but lots of smiles 🙂 HUGS for your day!

  2. Debbie, it is so ironic that you posted about the snow because right this very second, it’s snowing outside! We haven’t had much snow at all this winter. It’s been very cold, but not a lot of snow. We got much more snow last year. It’s been a very strange winter because it’s snowing in some areas, but not in others.

    Even though I love winter and snow, I’m looking forward to Spring as well.

    Great photographs! I love how you showed them at different seasons!

    Stay warm and cozy, dear friend. Happy Sunday!


    • Thanks, Ron. Snow is pretty to look at just after it falls, but when it gets all nasty and slushy, then it’s a huge nuisance!

      Glad you enjoyed the contrast between winter trees and warmer weather views. I was surprised how much a year or two has done for the Weeping cherry — it’s really filled out!

      I imagine you’ll get enough snow from this system to get some pretty photos, too (hint, hint — thinking of your blog, you know!)

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear!

    • Sounds like a perfect chant to me, Suzi — NO MORE SNOW!! I don’t mind the cold too much, as long as the sun is out, but this snow has gotta go!

  3. Well I definitely sympathize, Debbie! Long winters stink. I lived in NY for 16 years until I cried Uncle! I’ll tell you the positive things I found with snow: an excuse to stay inside and read, no pressure to rush anywhere, and a nice time to bake. Repeat until fed-up completely, which it sounds like you are. 🙂 Hang in there! It’s March 1st. You’re rounding the corner to spring.

    • I hope you’re right about “rounding the corner to spring.” I’m definitely ready! This has been a most miserable winter for so many — I think the reason I’m suffering so much is that I spent much of winter 2014 in Gulfport, Ms, where yes, it snowed and was cold, but nothing like what we’ve had here. I need a few days at the beach, I think! In the meantime, UNCLE!!

  4. Everything looks good under a blanket of snow. Besides, it’s only March 1. Spring is still weeks away and it is said, March comes in like a lion (not a lamb or a butterfly) and out like a lamb. So might as well grin and bear it! Of course, you can always hibernate for a few weeks. 😉

    • I’ve hibernated all day, Monica, and one day just about does it for me! I’m feeling itchy to venture out and see how much the street crews cleaned up. And snow isn’t fun when you have a long-haired dog. Dallas goes out, rolls around in the white stuff, then comes back inside bearing various-sized snowballs ALL over himself! Then I get to brush and towel dry him for a long time, though he still manages to drop icy water all over the house. Yuck!!

    • Actually, Audrey, the crepe myrtle is one of the later-bloomers here. Don’t ask me why! Usually, I venture outside in mid- to late-March to do the pruning thing, and I haven’t done that yet. I think the only reason the poor dear lives at all is because it’s planted on the south side of the house (and Dallas can’t get to it, ha!)

    • Ice is definitely more treacherous than the mounds of snow we’ve got, Professor. At least I’m able to get out and about! But yes, I know what you mean — spring seems a long way off. The sun’s out today, so there is that!

  5. Sometimes people don’t know what they have until they loose it. Well we haven’t seen great weather in a while now. So when spring and summer comes this year….I think we’re going to be much more appreciative of earths beauty. I can’t wait. I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do this summer. So winter…all this snow is causing me to fantasize about spring and summer.

    This winter has been challenging but I don’t let the weather affect me that way…I have learned patience in every area of my life including weather. The sun will come out….trees will sprout new leaves and flowers will bloom. Grass will grow and the warmth will rub our cheeks again soon.

    I don’t work outside the home so this attitude really doesn’t work if you do LOL! So my heart goes out to all who had to deal with this harsh weather this winter.

    Great photos Deb!

    • “Grass will grow and the warmth will rub our cheeks again soon.” Love the mental picture of that, Tanya — thank you for your encouragement and reminder!

      Sadly, we spend a lot of time grumbling and complaining, when we ought to be more grateful. Things could be so much worse — we could be buried like Boston, or slipping and sliding like folks hit by the icy portion of this storm!

  6. Here’s a thought to cheer you: at least you don’t have ice. I just saw some photos from the Texas hill country that are truly dispiriting. For that matter, there’s ice in Virginia, too. We’re at 50 degrees right now, which is lovely. Unfortunately, the fog is so thick there’s zero visibility, and I get to drive into Houston. Sigh.

    One of these days!

    • Fifty degrees can be just about right, though driving through fog offers way more challenge than I want right now, Linda! At least, the sun is out here, so, while it’s not warm enough to melt this mess, I can curl up in a south-facing window and pretend, ha! It seems that this year, the misery has been pretty well spread around for everybody. We turn the clocks forward one hour this weekend, too, which will give us more daylight (and theoretically, more warmth!) Be careful out there, my friend!

  7. Not that I don’t sympathize, but it sure is nice to be on the reading end of all that snow, instead of on the writing end where most years you can find me! We had plenty of cold here in MN this winter, but our snowfall is way down. And I? Am NOT complaining!

    • Are you sure, Terri? Don’t you miss it a teeny bit?? (If so, I’ll be glad to pack some up and ship it to you, ha!) I guess I really shouldn’t complain, though — at least it’s not ICE!!

  8. I’m sorry you are enduring snow at just the time you’d like to be rolling out the welcome mat fro spring. Of course I’ll have to go sympathizing rather than empathizing because, well, I live in Arizona 🙂 (That’s okay, you’ll get the last laugh when I’m bemoaning what seems like an endless summer.)

    • Ah, yes, I know well those endless summers, Janna. When I lived in Texas, I’d hear the 10 p.m. news announce the temps were still in the 80s — ugh! Not much relief from heat like that. But at least you don’t have to shovel, ha!

    • We still have to get past the muddy months, Pat. And with a long-haired dog, those are extremely challenging! Thanks for stopping by — did you see where that guy in Boston is selling snow to folks in places that didn’t get any?? How funny is that?!!

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