Swirling Clouds


Sometimes our thoughts
Whip around like wild things.
Innocently enough, they
Race across our brains.
Lately, mine have done just that.
In fact, perhaps that’s why I
Need to take a break of sorts to
Get back to my happy state.

Crazy, isn’t it, how we
Let ourselves run to and fro,
Or round and round.
Utter confusion reigns supreme
Despite our best intentions to
See our world in a calmer state!


Note: This is an attempt at an Acrostic Poem. I took the picture thinking I might find something to write about; instead of prose, this poem popped out! I don’t foresee a formal break any time soon, but I really do need to get back to my novel-writing. That means I’ll have to do a better job managing my time, ha!