Swirling Clouds


Sometimes our thoughts
Whip around like wild things.
Innocently enough, they
Race across our brains.
Lately, mine have done just that.
In fact, perhaps that’s why I
Need to take a break of sorts to
Get back to my happy state.

Crazy, isn’t it, how we
Let ourselves run to and fro,
Or round and round.
Utter confusion reigns supreme
Despite our best intentions to
See our world in a calmer state!


Note: This is an attempt at an Acrostic Poem. I took the picture thinking I might find something to write about; instead of prose, this poem popped out! I don’t foresee a formal break any time soon, but I really do need to get back to my novel-writing. That means I’ll have to do a better job managing my time, ha!

30 thoughts on “Swirling Clouds

  1. It took me a minute to figure out the form. Now, I’ve got it: swirling clouds is the base of the poem. Nicely done. The key to gaining control? I smiled at this:

    Let ourselves run to and fro,
    Or round and round…

    It’s the old question: who’s in charge, here? 🙂

    • Well done, Linda!! You’re 100% correct, of course. We have to be wise enough to pull back every so often and jump off the merry-go-round when it starts going too fast. Thanks for understanding!

  2. ” I took the picture thinking I might find something to write about; instead of prose, this poem popped out! ”

    Debbie, it’s it funny how that happens? We take a photograph, not really knowing what we’ll ever use it for, then suddenly we find the answer! I’ve done the same thing myself.

    And a beautiful picture, btw! I love clouds! Also, I love the way you wrote this. Well done!

    A lot of bloggers I know are taking breaks right now. It seems that summertime, with everyone being so busy, people are prioritizing their time. Just know that whatever you decide to do (take a break), I’ll be here when you come back, my friend!

    Have a super week!

    • You, too, huh, Ron? I guess having a camera on hand forces us to really LOOK at our world, with an eye toward sharing it with others. And sometimes, those become our favorite photos!

      I’m not sure I need a break as much as perhaps a change of scenery. Or maybe I just need to force myself to return to writing my novel — and stop dillydallying over it!!! It’s not writer’s block; it’s more like losing focus. I started down one path and now I’m thinking I should’ve taken another avenue. Grrr!

      Happy final week in May!!

  3. Ah, very relatable. I find time management extremely difficult to do with writing. I feel guilty when blog writing, thinking I need to concentrate on novel-writing and vice versa. Time to corral the wandering mind!

    • Thanks for understanding, DD! Somehow, it’s easier blogging (perhaps because the medium is necessarily short??). A novel can seem overwhelming! I’m 40,000 words in, yet I keep waffling over what comes next. I’ve started over more times than I can count — yes, I KNOW I’m supposed to keep writing until “The End,” but I just can’t. The upside is, when I’m done, I’m really done (except for polishing).

    • I love your suggestion, FF! Perhaps chocolate really is all I need! Hey, it can’t hurt, right?? No nuts for me, though — I’ve never been able to tolerate them.

    • Thanks so much, Audrey! Sometimes I can be very organized and get a LOT of things done; other times, my lazy streak kicks in, heehee! And while the rational side says it’s important to be productive, gee, who wants to be rational all the time, huh?!

    • I, too, am beginning to wonder how to find time — and energy! — for novel writing, Janna! It’s not easy, is it? When Domer was little, I could sit in the car and write away while he was at some lesson or sports practice. With him off on his own, perhaps I need to sign Dallas up for classes, ha!

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