Making Do

No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one. ~Elbert Hubbard

I’ve missed you all something terrible, but now I’m back!

I wish I could say I’ve been vacationing on a tropical beach. Or playing golf somewhere exotic. Or renting a remote cabin for the sole purpose of finishing this novel of mine.

Well, actually, I could say that, but it wouldn’t be true. And while I might be a storyteller, I’m not a liar!

No, I took a few days off because my son Domer was coming home. On vacation. And I wanted to clear the decks so we could do some interesting things.

Mother Nature, however, refused to cooperate.

June typically is a nice month in Central Illinois. The corn and soybeans are growing, the sun is shining, there are unique fairs and festivals in nearly every community, and it’s never too hot. Or sticky.

Surprise! Not this year.

Long before I decided to take a break from being online, it started raining. And it’s rained almost every day since. And the rain has brought along its angry companions, thunder, lightning, and humidity.

The most fun thing Domer and I did was bust out the board games. The ones he enjoyed when he was younger. Things like Yahtzee, Battleship, Life, Payday, and Sequence.

As we shuffled cards or rolled dice or spun spinners, I couldn’t help but be amazed all over again at how lucky that kid of mine is! It’s nothing for him to roll five-of-a-kind dice, to know exactly where my ships are hiding, and to amass the greatest of fortunes. His maturity amazes me, too. Sure, Little Domer still comes out, but only a young person confident in who he is would be content doing something as simple as playing board games. And it was his idea, too!

Domer took off early this morning, and I miss him already. I wish he’d had a chance to play golf or hit some tennis balls. But I love that we’re both able to make do with what we have, rather than fretting over something we can’t control.

Tell me, How long has it been since you played board games??

28 thoughts on “Making Do

  1. I’ll bet you got to talk more playing games than wandering around eating elephant ears. I hate it when the kids go back to their lives. It’s like living a fantasy when they are home. (well my home. It’s not theirs anymore.)

  2. First, welcome back, Debbie! You’ve been very missed!

    And I’m so glad you got to spend some quality time with Domer, in spite of the nasty weather. I bet it was wonderful for both you to see each other again. He sounds like such a great young man! And I’m sure much of that has to do with the way you raised him.

    Gosh, I can’t even remember the last time I played a board game. However, I was very much into backgammon years ago, so that was probably the last board game I played.

    Again, welcome back, my friend. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


    P.S. And speaking of rain, we’re having a severe rain storm right now. It’s also very windy and cold. It’s feels like autumn. Strange summer, isn’t it?

    • Thank you, Ron — it’s soooo nice to have been missed!

      You loved backgammon, too? I can remember spending hours playing that, and enjoying it immensely.

      I’m sorry y’all are getting some of our leftover rain. We had a day and a half of sunshine, but the bulk of this coming week looks gloomy. And looking at the weather all across the country (that beastly heat out west, the storms through the midsection, and the cold and wet in the east), well, gee, I don’t know where I’d be if I were to choose, ha!

      Happy Sunday, my friend!

  3. Years, it’s been years since I’ve played a board game. Maybe the next time I’m at the lake on a rainy weekend. And I agree, he’s probably going to remember these days with you playing his boyhood games. In a good way.

    • Board games are great for rainy days, Dawn. If he hadn’t been home, I’d have probably been on my computer (if it hadn’t been storming!) or reading, but we wanted to spend some time together before he left for The Land of The North again. Mission accomplished — Memories made!

  4. Welcome back. I am not a board game sort of gal. Cole could coax me into a game of candyland back in the day but not without whining something fierce. I did play Left Center Right over the holidays (a very simple dice game) and winning a few dollars made it a lot more fun. So maybe money is the key–I love the slots :-D. Sorry it rained on Domer’s vacation but perhaps some time at home was the rest and relaxation that was needed before he takes off at full speed again.

    • How I HATED playing Candyland!! In fact, I think we sold the thing in a yard sale as soon as we could, so I wouldn’t be forced to play it any more, ha! Never heard of Left Center Right, but it sounds like fun — only Domer consistently wins all the money. Every time. The kid is LUCKY!! Yes, he needed a bit of a break; thanks for empathizing!

    I play board games every single day in our classroom. The kids love a game called Sequence.

    OOOOO, how fun and wonderful it must have been to see Domer, Darling. xxx

    • I can see why the kids love Sequence, Kim — winning depends on strategy rather than solely on luck, and that’s right up my alley. Domer always wins on luck. Every single time!

      He’s back to The Land of The North now and took some of our rain with him. He’d hoped to golf today, but instead is stuck inside watching stormy weather. Grrr — what a summer so far, huh??

  6. My kids and I love playing board games–Life, Careers and one called Ghost Party, in which you aim to avoid the ghost in the house before he gets you. My daughter and I would play a Barbie Prom game in which you needs to have a dress and a date before you can go the prom. It’s a game from the sixties and very stereotypical but for some reason we get a kick out of it. Our favorite game is Acquire, in which you buy up hotels and start a hotel chain, then buy up stock so you can be the primary shareholder. It’s such an American, big business type game and we all love it! Such memories!

  7. Welcome “home.” Of course you’ve been home, but… Oh, you know what I mean.

    I’ve never been a board game player. We played Monopoly when I was a kid, and Scrabble. I liked those. But most of my game-playing was cribbage and chess with my dad, bridge in college, and dominoes in South Texas.We did play Trivial Pursuit a lot on the boats, and then they came out with Texas Trivial Pursuit, and that was fun. Otherwise, I’m not inclined.

    But I’m certainly glad that Domer’s willing to play, and, even better, that he’s willing to come home and play with his mom!

    • We would have selected Monopoly, but that game can go on for DAYS, so we opted for everything else. I never got into bridge, but my folks were addicted back in the day. I remember lots of “bridge parties” they hosted or attended, and the whooping and laughter was most contagious!

      Yes, I know how blessed I am that he opted to come home this time. Of course, his last vacation was spent traveling to visit his college buddies, so ranking even close to that is big, ha!

    • FOUR TIMES??? Golly, you rank right up there with Domer, Audrey!! I’m glad to hear we’re not the only ones playing board games. They’re really great pastimes (especially on rainy days!), and it’s fascinating how the individual personalities of those playing come out. I never was the kind of mom who let Domer win; that way, he knows for sure when he beats me, he really has won!!

  8. Welcome Back! Glad your son is well. My husband and I were avid Scrabble players but recently we got very frustrated playing Scrabble …so I think board games aren’t for us right now. We like watching movies together ….but I think board games are better for the older brain. Keep you sharp.

    • I have a friend who ALWAYS beats me at Scrabble, Tanya. Every single time we play. But I learn a lot, and we laugh a lot, so I guess it’s worthwhile! Perhaps you and your hubby just need a new game?!!

  9. I love how in spite of so many failed plans, you and Domer made the best of it.

    It’s been forever since I’ve played board games. We have a family weekend at the cabin planned for later this month. I’m sure it will include some board games, either in the event of uncooperative weather, or when night falls.

    • Perhaps we Midwesterners learn to enjoy board games more than our counterparts who live in warm, sunny regions, Terri. At any rate, here’s hoping you’ll slip a few games in the car for your family weekend — they’re wonderful bonding tools!

  10. It has been a while since I’ve played a board game… probably a few months. I’m glad you got to visit with your son, but it’s a bummer the weather decided to be a bummer, though!

    • Domer always loved board games, so it wasn’t much of a hardship — for either of us! Sure, he’d have rather been playing golf, but board games was a nice second-best choice!

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