The Queen


We call her The Queen
And rightfully so.
She sits atop her throne
Growling orders to her minions.
Barking demands,
Snarling commands.

The weak-spirited acquiesce
To her desires,
And they admire
Her confidence and purpose.
The strong-willed balk
And blatantly gawk

While, scepter in hand,
She rules the land
With an iron paw.
Getting her way
Through force and might
Or tears and spite.

She’s The Queen, you know.
She thinks she has a right to crow.

25 thoughts on “The Queen

  1. Clearly, you’re writing about the Evil Queen, not the Good Queen! I’d walk softly around that one, too, lest I get bonked on the head with that sceptre! Nicely done — it’s been a while since a poem’s made me just a little fearful!

    • Fearful? Okay, I suppose “she” could be seen as such. I hadn’t really intended to describe her negatively. You know, power can be seen as a bad thing — or a good thing, I guess, depending on how one uses it!

      • Hmmm… I just had another read, and she still comes off to me negatively. I’ve known people who “bark demands,” and “snarl commands.” And, I’ve had a little experience of people who depend on force, might, tears, and spite. Maybe it’s my experience that shaped my response to the poem.

        You certainly did a good job of evoking a response, even if it wasn’t the one you expected!

        • Thanks, Linda. Maybe that’s what’s so interesting about poetry, we read into verse what we know. Now that I reread it, I, too, see where you’d get this impression!

  2. *applause*

    Debbie, I absolutely loved the clever and skillful way you wrote and presented this poem! And the picture of the rose is stunning!

    What a great ending….

    “She’s The Queen, you know.
    She thinks she has a right to crow.”

    Well done, my friend!

    Happy Monday and have a super week!

    X to you and Dallas

    • Aw, thanks, Ron. I appreciate your taking time to read and sing some praises! Here’s hoping your week is wonderful (watch out for those storms that passed through northern Illinois yesterday!)

    • You’d make an excellent queen, FF! Why, I’d vote for you myself … but I guess queens don’t really get elected, do they?? Anyway, I agree that it might be fun having minions!!

    • I hear she’s making the rounds, DD. She’s quite popular in these parts. Glad you’re able to appreciate her beauty, without getting pricked by her weapons!

    • Thanks, Monica! There *is* something exquisite about a rose, isn’t there? No wonder roses are chosen for so many occasions — from proms and weddings to funerals. And this one’s scent is heavenly, too!

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