I Am Your Dog

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
Josh Billings (a.k.a. Henry Wheeler Shaw; humorist and lecturer)

I am your dog.

You chose me as a pup. Paid good money for me. Took me to your home.

And, while you never promised to love, honor, and obey me, you did promise to care for me.

Feed me. Exercise me. Pay attention to me.

You haven’t exactly done that.

You tie me to a stake in the yard and march off to work, leaving me to figure things out by myself for hours on end.

Sure, you put out some water. But when I saw that squirrel, I got excited and tipped the bowl over.

And when I noticed that other dog walking by on a leash, I started barking and wrapped myself completely around the stake.

And since I can’t untangle the rope, I’m forced to lie in the hot sun.


When that nice shade tree is so close.

The neighbors complain about my barking, but what else can I do? Human, I’m bored!

Nor can I look forward to your company when you get home.

You’re too tired to walk me. Or throw a ball for me. Or give me a belly-rub.

How I’d love it if you’d brush me once in a while, too.

And that time you slapped me in my face for growling at another dog? Let’s just say that was uncalled-for. Painful and humiliating as well.

Remember, I don’t learn anything good from harsh hands.

You know, pushing my sensitive nose into the vomit I couldn’t help coughing up wasn’t kind, either.

Worst of all are the times you leave me out at night, when there are strange shadows and scary sounds. Don’t you know I’d give anything to curl up in a corner of your bedroom and watch you sleep?

You see, I might be a tiny part of your world, but to me, you are my world.

Even if you don’t keep up your end of the bargain.

27 thoughts on “I Am Your Dog

  1. Aww, poor dog! I’ve never understood why people have pets if they don’t want or have time to look after them properly. Lucky Dallas! A puppy has no say over which human he’ll end up with… 😦

    • Cats, too, FF!! Tommy and Tuppence are lucky felines to have you in their corner! No pet should be abused, and sadly, I’ve seen far too many of late. Guess I just couldn’t stand it any more — and I know I’m preaching to the choir here. NONE of my friends would harm a pet! Thanks for dropping by.

    • Perhaps they should sign some sort of contract. I know I did, when I bought Dallas! His breeder was very particular and refused to sell to just anybody. Sadly, not every breeder does that; in fact, many just give entire litters away with little regard for the poor mama’s feelings. Sniff, sniff.

  2. Oh, my gosh. This is sad beyond belief. I’ve seen it, too, and it just breaks my heart when I do. Thre’s no reason such things should be happening. What I don’t understand is how anyone can treat an animal with such carelessness. I tend to ignore Dixie Rose a little more than I should, sometimes, but she always has food, fresh water, a clean box, a brush morning and night, and treats at night. I guess maybe that’s not so bad, after all!

    • I’m sure Dixie Rose is purr-fectly content with her lot, Linda! That sounds like a pretty good gig for a pet, you know (especially the treats!!). I guess I just can’t fathom having a pet in the first place if you have no more intention of making it a real part of the family than what I’ve witnessed. Obviously, I err on the side of spoiling my Sheltie, ha!

  3. My wife is a volunteer for a rescue organization and I have stories I wish I could forget. There are some humans who should never get close to an animal let alone have one. None of the neglected, tortured and abused that have passed through our house have ever been anything but loving. I think there is a special place in hell for anyone who knowingly takes such love for granted.

    • Oh, John, I do, too!! I readily admit to spoiling Dallas silly. He’s pampered beyond belief and, since I’m fortunate to work at home, he gets a LOT of attention. During one of our walkies, I actually saw a man slap his German Shepherd in the muzzle for growling at Dallas — Dallas and I both were shocked. I couldn’t believe the Shepherd didn’t take that man’s hand right off. Bless your dear spouse for the good she’s doing!

    • Thank you, Cindy. Now you can understand why I love seeing your critters in their natural habitats — rather than hanging on somebody’s wall, you know.

    • Terry is blessed he came to live with you, Lucy! I feel so sorry for pets that get “chosen” by people who think, “It’s only a dog,” and then proceed to ignore them. Or, perhaps worse yet, give them LOTS of attention when they’re cute little ones, and then ignore them!

        • Dallas didn’t choose me; his breeder matched us, and I like to think both of us are happy with the deed! I understand cats can be dictatorial — perhaps that’s why I’m better suited for dogs, ha!

    • Thanks, Tanya. Yes, ALL God’s creatures deserve respect and care. If we can’t treat animals with kindness, then we can’t be trusted to treat people with kindness!!

  4. This made me so sad, and left me feeling like I better go give my cutie pies a big hug. Is there anything more special than a dog? Gosh, I love them so, my favorite line that got me choked up?
    “You see, I might be a tiny part of your world, but to me, you are my world.”
    Wow. That’s heavy.

    • I agree, Monica! I imagine, if dogs were judgmental, that’s what ALL of them would say — fortunately for all of us, they don’t judge! They give so much and ask so little; can we really afford to treat them shabbily? Hug the boys for me!

  5. Dogs center their lives around us; we should always remember to honor them for their love and devotion. I know my life would sure be of less quality without my pooch.

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