(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

Learn to be an observer in all seasons. Every single day, your garden has something new and wonderful to show you. ~Author Unknown

Look what I just noticed:


My Crepe Myrtle is blooming again!

I pruned it way back in mid-March, after the final frost, just as I was told. It looked like a brown stick above ground; who knew what was going on underneath?

Sadly, the other two which were bought and planted at the same time don’t appear to be alive. One lived barely the first year; the other, while small, bloomed until this year.

Two out of three isn’t bad, right?

29 thoughts on “(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

  1. What a pretty plant! Two out of three sounds good to me – the only things that bloom year after year in my garden are the weeds… but, you know, I’m getting quite fond of some of them… 😉

    • The weeds have been prolific here, too. Must be all that rain we had in early Spring. Funny, though, how some of my flowers have done famously while others long ago bit the dust!

  2. I love the late blooms of the Crepe Myrtle. It’s one of my favorite trees. They do better in the south. You really have to watch them in the north, as you know. Sounds like one at least was hearty enough to take your winters!

    • It’s one of my favorites, too! Every time we go to Gulfport, I fall in love with crepe myrtles all over again. But there, they grow into a more treelike shape, rather than the bushes we have. And the colors! Lilac, pale pink, white, watermelon red — they’re breath-taking!

    • I haven’t given up hope completely over one of the “dead” ones, Lucy. I pruned it back, as I did this one, only no leaves ever appeared. And obviously, no flowers either. Still, I refuse to dig it up until next year. If it shows no sign of life then, well, I guess I’ll get out the shovel. Sniff!

  3. Lucky you. You got a second spring! And yes, two out of three is good. We lost a few, here and there, to freeze this year, but most have bloomed and are on the way out now. They do fine until the terrible heat begins. That’s the signal for them to cease blooming and start getting ready for fall, I suppose.

    • Ours were beautiful in Texas, Linda. And for some reason, they seemed to like the heat better than most plants. These were purchased because they’re “hardy,” but I guess two of them really weren’t. Their leaves are a beautiful color in the fall, but since mine just started blooming, I’m not quite ready for them to go dormant!

  4. Yay! My mom thought she lost hers this past winter but it’s coming along now. We just bought one, same color as yours, to replace the Rose of Sharon we lost a while back. I think it’s a lovely replacement.

    • Oh, Suzi, so do I!! I just LOVE crepe myrtles. If it were up to me, I’d have a yard filled with them! But I imagine Illinois winters are harsher than they really like. Best of luck to you on your new addition — funny how we think of them as “babies” and tend them with such loving care!!

    • Gee, thanks, Katybeth! I can hardly wait until it’s in FULL bloom (this is just the beginning blooms). It seems to love these hot, dry days of late summer.

    • Absolutely, dear! And I’ve missed your lovely face around these parts — hope the vacation/break is going well, and I can’t wait to read about your adventures! xoxo

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