(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

Almost stepped on this critter while I was walking the other day:


You can’t really tell from the picture, but this thing was as thick as two of my fingers and about four inches long. I was afraid to get too close because it had horns on its head!

Having never seen anything remotely like it, I had to look it up. And I learned he (or maybe she) is an Imperial Moth Caterpillar.

I think.

And if so, it’s going to be one BIG moth some day.

What do you think?

25 thoughts on “(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

  1. I was thinking EXACTLY what you explained below the picture when I first saw it; that is; I’ll bet that thing is bigger than it looks. And ewwww – would that have been gross to have stepped on. For the critter and for you.

    • You don’t like giant moths, FF?? Well, I suppose they can be a bit creepy, but they’re easier to swat than this big fella! I can’t fathom how one would slay it in its caterpillar form (probably need a katana, ha!)

  2. Wow. He is kinda of cute. I like the horns. And you have a royal caterpillar (I guess that it what it is called)! Way cool. Did you ever do the whole butterfly thing with Domer? I digress. I can’t wait to see pictures of him when he transforms into a BIG moth.

    • He was on the sidewalk, merrily inching along. Since I’d never seen something like it, I wasn’t about to scoop it up and move it, for fear I’d inadvertently hasten its demise! It’s cool thinking about it wrapped in a cocoon all winter and just waiting to emerge in a new form though!

      • Ah, ha! Geography strikes again. When I saw it on the sidewalk, my assumption was that it was going to be baked or grilled, el pronto. We’re still so hot that the sidewalks are really hot — so much so that you can’t walk on them barefooted in the middle of the day. Once a snail or a caterpillar or whatever starts to cross, they sometimes cook before they reach the other side! In your situation, I can understand letting him (her?) just keep on trucking.

    • He *was* big, Pat. Perhaps they have to bulk up in order to hibernate or something?? At any rate, no way anybody in their right mind would willingly stomp on him!

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