Life…Handle With Care

You can hope for a miracle in your life, or you can realize that your life is the miracle. ~Robert Brault,

Today begins the annual National Prayer Vigil for Life, held in Washington, D.C., seeking an end to abortion and a greater respect for Life.

Now, I don’t normally get “preachy” in my posts, but something tells me that even pro-choice advocates can’t argue that Life is a treasure.

Recently, I heard a man tell of his own dear mom, who, while pregnant with him, had the unthinkable happen. Her husband simply walked out on her — and the four children they shared — without looking back. She had no job, no career, no money in the bank, no prospects for survival…and she was going to have another mouth to feed.

This man supposed that, if times had been different and she’d been pressured to abort, he’d never have been born — and what a tragedy that would have been.

None of us would think of aborting a litter of pups or kittens, even though we know there are too many to go around comfortably. We melt when we see ads on TV about starving, abused dogs and cats, shuttled off to shelters while an incredibly sad song plays and a somber Sarah McLachlan or Lori Loughlin narrates.

And we’ve become adamant about saving endangered snails or picketing to prevent construction of anything that might harm the habitat of some minuscule species of moth.

But when it comes to human life — life that might one day cure cancer or compose a symphony or write a best-selling novel — we’ve become very cavalier. We justify it by claiming “it’s not really a human being” or “a woman should have the right to decide what becomes of her body.”

A mother elephant never would think of killing the baby she’s carrying. A human mother (or dad) looking into the face of the child they’ve born usually swells with love…and hope. Hope that things will get better, that this child’s life will be splendid, that Mankind is in good hands because of this child.

I won’t go into the ethical or religious reasons for my beliefs — everyone is entitled to follow his own heart — but one thing’s for sure. ALL of us, regardless of our philosophy, are alive today because someone chose to respect Life.

Every child begins the world again…. ~Henry David Thoreau

23 thoughts on “Life…Handle With Care

  1. My friend was told she should abort because her child’s brain was not fully developed and would never have a “normal” life. They went into all the problems they would endure…still they chose to keep this baby. The tests and doctors were wrong. He was a beautiful, fully developed baby who just graduated from college a few months back and has gone on to pursue his dream!

    • Suzi, your response gives me chills — thank you for sharing this beautiful testament to Faith…and Hope. Your friend’s story shows that doctors don’t know everything!

  2. I’m becoming more and more convinced that we live in a society that encourages death, in a multitude of ways. Abortion, assisted suicide, contempt for the elderly — it’s all of a piece. Increasingly, we seem to not want to be bothered by people who are going to disrupt our lives. That’s one reason our military veterans aren’t getting the help and support they need. Clearly, there are bureaucrats who would be just as happy for them to die, as to have to deal with them.

    The more I learn, and the more I see, the more determined I become to not allow myself to be influenced by the death-peddler. That’s why posts like yours are so important. You’re supporting life, in all its forms.

    • I’ve noticed this, too, and frankly, it frightens me. A culture that has no respect for Life seems doomed to fail. What’s to stop “them” from eliminating anyone — someone they don’t agree ideologically with, someone costing too much money, someone making demands for goods or services, whatever?

      I realize I’m showing my Catholicism here — and that’s not a bad thing! — but Life is a gift from our Creator. We have no right to throw any gift back in His Face.

  3. I’ll say upfront that I never know if I should just skip commenting on a post that I disagree with or weigh in. . But I assume the post is not just written for agreement but also for discussion.
    SO here I go again.
    In regards to animals (dogs and cats) we have massive spay and neuter campaigns and shelters filled with animals that have not been aborted but will be euthanized before they find new homes. Many liters are aborted before birth by Humane Societies and no-kill shelters every day. Elephants love their babies but are content to let their elderly die without assistance. The animal world is less Hallmark and more practical.
    Our Foster care system in Chicago leaves everything to be desired and both planned parenthood and Catholic Charities share the challenge of being underfunded.
    Respecting and treasuring life goes on well beyond the mother’s womb. Both the individual and the society suffer from poor parenting.
    .As far as funding (not mentioned in your post but I suspect is part of the issue), I have a big problem with how the Chicago Public Schools spend their money and have never used the system but my tax money still supports the schools, and if groups don’t want the government to help fund abortions they might want to think about funding the services that help women keep their babies or accept that we all pay for some things we don’t agree with.
    Following your own heart is where we meet. I believe in choice. Every woman’s right to follow her own heart. I don’t believe a woman’s body should be a government issue. I pray that every women has sovereignty over her own body and every child that is born is wanted, loved, and treasured.
    Thank you for writing a post that helped me realign with my own heart and beliefs. Thank you for continuing the discussion. Agreeing is so much less important than discussing.

    • Katybeth, you’re absolutely correct. While I tend to be quite opinionated, it’s never been my intention to silence those who don’t agree with me! In fact, I applaud your comment — and would defend your right to your opinion, whether I agree or not. That said, you’re right about the animal kingdom being cruel at times. I’ve read about runts of the litter being mercilessly abandoned by mamas who know they’ll only slow down the family and attract predators. I also know that breeders typically keep a full water bucket nearby when a litter is whelped, just in case one (or more) aren’t savable.

      But maybe “animals” wasn’t a good correlation. After all, animals — despite our love for them — don’t have an immortal soul. Not like humans do. Yes, I fully believe our pets will be in Heaven with us, but not because they’re “human” (try telling Dallas that, ha!)

      I’m big on freedom, but it seems to me that “choice” doesn’t mesh with morality. A person suffering from a horrid disease and facing certain death might want to take his life in his own hands, but what if a cure is found tomorrow? A woman facing an unwanted pregnancy because the “father” has broken up with her might meet the right man next week — and he might welcome her child.

      I don’t know the answers. I just believe we need to continue the dialog — and those of us who believe Life should be celebrated will, I’m sure, do just that! Thank you for sharing your thoughts — I appreciate your courage!!

  4. —–No matter what one believes, one must come to the conclusion, in the end, that “LIFE” is sacred and beautiful….and even though I know it’s wrong inside my bones to abort a baby, I still believe it’s my choice & I must answer to God in the end.

    Great post! xxx

    • Thank you, dear Kim. You’ve summed it up well. Life is beautiful. Maybe not ALL the time, but way better than the alternative. And we all must answer to God one day for everything we’ve done…or failed to do. xoxo

  5. Debbie, this is quite a sensitive and controversial topic and I admire you for bringing it to light.

    There are many ways one can look at abortion; therefore I am going to stick to just a “woman’s right.” I for one believe that a woman should have the right to make a choice and legally abort if she chooses to do so. A woman has the right, whether or not it’s the right choice or the wrong choice, to “make” that choice. The choice should be hers to make and live with.

    “A mother elephant never would think of killing the baby she’s carrying.”

    I don’t think that’s entirely true. A had a cat who gave birth to four kittens and one of them was born deformed. The mother cat ignored that kitten and chose not to feed it. The kitten eventually died. So really, the mother cat DID choose to end that kitten’s life. So you see, even the animal kingdom makes those choices.

    I think it’s very easy for society to judge a woman on her right to make a choice to abort a pregnancy; whether it be their personal beliefs or spiritual beliefs. However, the bottom line (to me anyway) is that ALL women should have the right to choose.

    Again, thank you for bringing this topic to light, my friend!

    • Ron, I agree with you when you call this a “sensitive and controversial topic.” It is, isn’t it? Obviously, we don’t agree, but that doesn’t mean we need to be disagreeable. I certainly see where you’re coming from — in this country, maybe more than in any other country, we believe in freedom of choice. We don’t want “the man” telling us how to think, how to act, what to believe.

      But that’s not God’s way. We’re His creatures — paid for by the death of His Son — and we who believe that voluntarily accept that the laws He’s given us…for our own good…might be hard to keep but are worth keeping. When He calls murder wrong, I have to believe that it is wrong, whether it’s disguised as compassionate suicide, a woman’s right to abort, or mercy killing.

      Thank you for pointing out the cruelty often found in the animal kingdom. Perhaps that’s what should distinguish humans from animals.

      You have a kind heart, my friend, and while we don’t agree on this, I absolutely refuse to criticize you or berate you or anything of the kind! You’re entitled to your opinion, and I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to leave your thoughts here!

      Have a super weekend! {{{ YOU }}}

  6. Amen. Well said, Debbie. You’ve made some very powerful points about where humankind chooses to exert their passions and it’s hard not agree that it sometimes appears human life falls low on the totem pole.

    • Thank you, Tee. In a perfect world, humans would make perfect choices. Sadly, this world isn’t perfect…far from it…and we often err. I appreciate your kind words of support!

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