Finally…Some Melting

icicles   icicles2

When temperatures finally climb above the freezing mark
And the sun shines brightly in the winter sky above,
Icicles hanging from the eaves of most houses
Begin to melt and drip in tapering shapes.
And gradually the warmth turns ice
Into cold water that’s destined
To refreeze overnight until
The same thing happens
The very next day, and
Eventually, drip by
Drip, the entire
Icicle melts
In a pool
Of H2O.

P.S. Poetic form is a Shape Poem.

23 thoughts on “Finally…Some Melting

  1. Debbie, I loved this post because (as you may have saw on the news) we had a HUGE blizzard which started on Friday evening and went until Saturday evening. OMG… it was probably the biggest snowstorm I’ve ever seen since moving back north. And it wasn’t just the snow, but the WIND that was so severe. And of course, I went outside with my camera and took photographs!

    Today, it all started to melt ( and fast) so now the city looks like a big Slushy Slurpee ha!

    GREAT poem. And I love the way you typed the text. VERY clever! That is one BIG icicle!

    Have a super week, my friend!

    • I was watching that, Ron, and praying all my friends would be kept safe. Nice to hear you’re already seeing signs of melting, too, because that sort of storm can cripple an area. I hope you didn’t lose power — glad most folks could stay in over the weekend and let the crews complete their cleanup.

      These shots were taken of my neighbor’s house and trees. When I saw the accumulating ice, I couldn’t resist capturing them!

      Have a wonderful week, and watch out for all that Slurpee-ness!!

    • This is, I think, an arborvitae tree in my neighbor’s yard. Apparently, water dripped off the roof onto it, making it look very much like somebody had turned a hose on and the stream immediately froze over. One can only hope the tree survives such abuse!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! The pictures, the poem… even the shape of the poem! I hope you all are okay in the arctic conditions – I have been worried about my friends across the pond. So far everyone seems to be surviving!

    • What lovely compliments — thank you! We’re fine here — nothing like the HUGE storm that hit the East Coast. The blessing is, they’ll warm up fairly rapidly and experience their own melting, while once we’re in the Deep Freeze, we stay there a while. We get a lot of thawing and refreezing, too. Sigh.

  3. The icicles may be frozen, but your words aren’t! What a fun way to reflect the shape of the ice, and what a (sort of?) run thing to have around the house: those decorated trees. We used to love to eat small, fresh icicles when I was a kid, and we always were being yelled at by the adults to stay away from rooflines, lest we be hurt by a falling one. Ah, winter!

    • Linda, we, too, were guilty of trying to eat the icicles and we, too, were reprimanded for it. Looking back, I don’t question the adults because who knows what filth was on those frozen treats, ha!

      I haven’t been back to my neighbor’s to take a look, but I’m eager to revisit “the scene of the crime” to see if this tree managed to survive its frozen guest. As heavy as ice is, and with all the melting and overnight refreezing, I suspect some of its limbs might have succumbed to the weight.

    • I do hope you’re right, FF. Spring is so much easier to take! Winter tends to be hard on everybody — and you ought to see poor Dallas come back inside with small snowballs of ice hanging off his furs!

  4. I was so mesmerized by the shape of your poem I almost couldn’t read it! Your pictures are beautiful as ever. Whether it’s spring flowers or winters charm…Deb will get just the right picture!

    • Yes, we dodged a bullet there! The footage on TV made conditions look beastly — all that snow! We got a warmer-than-average day yesterday, so a lot of the snow we had has disappeared. Fine by me — I’m ready for spring, ha!

    • This was the first time I’d tried a shape poem, Tee, so I have nothing to base it off, as to whether it took a lot of time or not. It was a challenge, and I like challenges!

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