19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Our winter has been so strange this year – so mild that everything started growing and then a sudden cold snap and a bit of snow that set us back again. I felt kinda sorry for the poor little flowers – they tried their best to bring spring in early…

  2. Debbie, I love that quote! In fact, I read it three times before leaving this comment. Beautiful photograph too!

    This has been the strangest winter for us. One day it’s warm and spring-like, the next it’s cold and snowing. The poor little flowers don’t know what to do.

    Have a super Thursday, my friend!

    • Thanks, Ron. You know, it’s a wonder more people aren’t sick this winter, what with the weather being all over the place! I can’t say I mind having a warmer winter than usual though — ice isn’t my favorite thing, ha!
      I can hardly wait for these daffodils to bloom. Of course, it will be weeks…no, more like months…before they do!
      Happy Thursday to you {{{ YOU }}}

  3. Actually, snow covered flowers have their blanket: the snow itself. Wet, heavy, packed snow doesn’t do quite so well, because it’s lost the air spaces between flakes. But a nice, fluffy snow? Those flowers might as well be wearing goose down jackets.

    I remember how exciting it always was to see the early flowers peeking up: tulips, daffodils, and such. It’s just about time for our cold weather flowers to emerge. I’m ready. Thanks for the reminder to start looking.

    • I’m just pea-green at this time of year, Linda! You southern folks have the BEST weather, with its early springs and calm winters. We won’t even mention hurricane season, though, which I’m sure most people could easily do without!
      Absolutely — start looking for signs of spring. Something about these hardy flowers that spells “hope” to me!

    • Well, I’m the kind who likes snow between Christmas and New Year’s Day, then it can go away until the next year, ha! Sadly, I can’t seem to find any place with that kind of weather!

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