Just Passin’ Through


I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.  I travel for travel’s sake.  The great affair is to move.  ~Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish novelist

Don’t mind me,
I’m just passin’ through.
Leaving my mark
So clear and true.

Don’t mind me,
My footprint is small.
Not like I
Really matter at all.

On my way
To something more.
Caught my eye
From behind the door.

Don’t mind me,
I’ll not tarry.
No food here;
No meat or dairy.

Don’t mind me,
Or my cold feet.
But couldn’t you
Set out a treat?

17 thoughts on “Just Passin’ Through

  1. I’ve not come across that quotation from Stevenson, but it certainly resonates. I’m suffering a bit from the urge to “go” myself. Spring is here, on the Gulf coast, and I know there are flowers blooming and birds getting ready to head north, and if I don’t get out there, I’ll miss it. That’s the only real downside of my work. After a long stretch of bad weather, when the good weather comes, work has to come first.

    The poem and photo are great. It makes me want to set out some food right now, for whoever is roaming around. What a life they have, those little outdoor critters. I’m sure they’ll be glad for spring, too.

    • The urge to move around is strong in me, Linda, so I empathize with what you’re feeling. Now that the groundhog has indicated Spring is on its way, I’m hoping to get outside more, not unlike this little critter! I’ve been feeding the birds (though the squirrels seem to be taking the lion’s share of the food!). I’m not sure, of course, but I think these are kitty prints in the snow (http://www.bear-tracker.com/caninevsfeline.html)

    • Not sure, FF, but I think it might have been my neighbor’s house cat. He(?) is as regular as clockwork, traipsing across our property on his way to who-knows-where! Poor Dallas has fits when he catches sight of him, but the cat merely returns a bored, ho-hum sort of stare and continues his jaunt.

  2. Debbie, first of all I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that quote! I read it three times. And OMG…how true, how true those words are!

    Second of all your poem AND photograph are fabulous! You have such a great gift for writing. You really do!

    I wonder what kind of foot tracks are those? They look like a wolf perhaps?!? Wonderful shot!

    Have a super weekend, my friend. It’s supposed to be very warm here (high 60’s). I may take a day trip into NYC for the day on Sunday!

    X to you and Dallas

    • Glad you love this quote as much as I do, Ron. Somehow, it just rings true, doesn’t it?!

      Thanks for your lovely compliments — and for making me blush! I love when something I’ve written gives someone pause to reflect or a spot of enjoyment.

      Sorry, no cougars here (that I know of!). I think it’s merely a “common” house cat, though most cat owners will probably take offense at that, swearing that NO cat ever thinks itself “common,” ha!

      Hope your weekend is half as glorious as ours — sunny and nearly 70 degrees! xo

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