Winter Storm Olympia

More is not necessarily better. — me

This weekend, Central Illinois was scheduled to get “a little snow.”

That’s what the meteorologists at the TV station told us anyway. One to three inches, tops.


I guess they have no shame, for by the time this “snow event” was finished, we had a good four inches on the ground. Fat, wet flakes that drifted and blew in from a southerly direction, blanketing yards, roads, trees, and whatever else was outdoors.

See for yourselves:


Yes, it’s pretty. Well, it is when it appears the week before Christmas and departs the week after New Year’s. Three weeks is about all the snow I care to “enjoy” these days.

Not that I particularly enjoyed it even as a kid.

I remember my mom bundling us up, sending us outside, then rolling her eyes in exasperation when our freezing selves reappeared at the door, ready to come back inside after less than a half-hour!

This year, I felt most sorry for local restaurants. They advertised Valentine’s Day specials, accepted reservations, and waited to fill their tables with patrons who surely opted to order in a pizza instead.

And since the kids were out of school for Presidents’ Day, the street department obviously didn’t feel too inclined to plow the roads, assuming most people could just stay home.

But perhaps the saddest of all are those, like me, who own long-haired dogs. Dogs that have to go outside in all that snow periodically. Dogs who love to roll in the cold, white stuff, collecting snowballs on their furs and bringing them inside to melt:


Mama, come out and play!!

31 thoughts on “Winter Storm Olympia

  1. Haha! There’s nothing quite like a melting pet, is there? I agree – snow should happen over Christmas and then go away! We’ve had hardly any this year but we’re having a few flurries this weekend – hoping it doesn’t develop! Now, go back out and have a snowball fight with Dallas – you know you want to… 😉

    • A “melting pet”? Absolutely! And I especially love stepping in icy water with my fuzzy socks on…not!!

      It’s not so much that I hate snow — I just don’t like the cold wetness of it. And Dallas has a knack for trying to get me to “enjoy” it with him. Now they’re telling us it could hit 60 degrees by Friday, so with luck, this mess will all seep into the ground!

    • You’ve got that right, Barb! There might have been a few brave, determined souls who ventured out in this storm, but I wasn’t one of them. I rather enjoy having a car without dents in it, one that’s tucked safely in my garage, not in a fix-it shop!!

    • Thank you, Cindy. He does love rolling in the snow, and it’s an aggravation toweling him off when he ventures back inside, but the other option really isn’t (you know, letting him drip-dry all over the house!!)

    • Another friend who agrees snow is best between Christmas and New Year’s — yay!! We’re hoping for melting SOON — today, it’s turned into a slushy mess. I’m not sure, Lucy, but I’ll wager you’d prefer snuggling with Dallas after he dries off, huh?!?

  2. ” Dogs who love to roll in the cold, white stuff, collecting snowballs on their furs and bringing them inside to melt:”

    HAHAHAHAHA! What an adorable picture! OMG Debbie, if I had been there I would have been rolling in that snow just like Dallas, because as you know….I LOVE snow!

    And speaking of snow, we’re supposed to be getting more sometime today. I’m off, so I’ll be outside ‘rolling’ in it. Also, last month we had a HUGE blizzard, which I will posting about.

    Have a super Monday and week, my friend!
    X to you and Dallas

    • Ron, Dallas would love bouncing through the snow with you! He’s got a coat (booties, too), but he really doesn’t seem to get cold out there — and he won’t walk in boots at all. You should see the pitiful look he gives me when I put them on him!

      Yep, we’re sending the snow your way. We understand you haven’t seen near enough of the white stuff this winter, so we’re hoping you get to enjoy it — having a day off when it arrives will be just what you need!

      Happy middle-of-February to you! xo

    • More power to you, Professor! I’m going to complain about it, surround myself with thoughts of warm and sunny days, and pray that groundhog is right (when I realize he doesn’t know how to predict weather any better than Dallas does!)

  3. You call four inches a storm? Why, when I was growing up in Iowa, we’d walk to school through four foot drifts. Uphill. Both directions. Uh — wait….

    Actually, down here, a quarter inch gets folks’ attention. Context is everything, I guess. And it certainly is true that the snow is pretty, but the slop is a pain. No slop here, today. We just had a norther blow through — a nice, strong front. Now, we have sun, strong northwest winds, and the temperature is only going to get to 75F. Feel free to hate me. 🙂

    • Not hate…just a teensy bit of envy!! Seventy-five sounds delightful, especially in mid-February.

      I know what you mean about the snow totals, too. I remember snows drifting clear to the windows when I was a kid. We haven’t seen much of those lately — some blame “global warming,” but I think it’s probably because so many more structures are built that “grab” the snow before it can drift. And perhaps it’s because the snows we do get are spread over larger areas. Who knows??

  4. Oh, but Dallas is SO cute! I’ll bet he’s in all his glory romping around in all that snow. Lucy loves to play in the snow… but she’s not such a fan of the extreme cold.

    • With his double coat, Dallas doesn’t mind the cold or the snow. Every time I send him outside, he rolls around in it, and the expression on his furry face is pure bliss.

    • We’re supposed to be in the 60s today — of course, the wind is kicking up like a wild thing, which Dallas doesn’t particularly enjoy (and neither does his mama!!)

  5. Our weather patterns in Switzerland are equally crazy. Snowing one day and spring temps the next. I don’t mind cold, but sure would like to see the sun once in awhile. A thick cloud, cover settles over our area and sits there for most of the winter.

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