Celebrating Green

The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month. ~Henry Van Dyke, American author and clergyman

Everyone “knows” March is green, right?

From St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, to the dying of the Chicago River, to shamrocks and green beer, we see GREEN sprouting up everywhere this month.

But did you know green is a combination of yellow and blue? I’ll wager you knew it as a child, mixing crayons or finger paints. Green blends the mental clarity of yellow with the emotional stability of blue.

Green abounds in nature. Leaves, grass, bushes, and trees are green at some point, making green a welcome sight for gardeners and farmers. And for golfers!

Green — slap dab in the middle of the visible light spectrum — is the most restful color for the human eye to look at. And speaking of eyes, green is the rarest eye color of all; some estimate only two percent of the world has green eyes, though that varies greatly on geographical region.

In Indian thought, green is the heart chakra, the center of one’s being, encouraging us to grow toward loving, healthy, nourishing relationships.

We usually think of emerald or maybe peridot when we consider green gemstones, but did you know there are many more? Green gemstones are used to attract money and prosperity; two of my favorites are aventurine, the stone of luck, and moss agate, an abundance stone that enhances concentration.

As a color, green is second only to blue as the most favorite common color. It’s said that George Washington’s favorite color was green. (That puts me in good company!)

Have you ever noticed how many shades of green there are? Try matching that green t-shirt and you’ll see what I mean. And don’t tell your web designer or interior decorator to use “any old green” — greens cover the spectrum from yellowish like lime to blueish like turquoise, with all sorts of light and dark variations in between.

Green is calming and invigorating all at the same time, so everybody can benefit from having some green around, don’t you think?

32 thoughts on “Celebrating Green

  1. Green is life! Yes, there are so many shades of green. I was amazed when visiting out West when I saw the green, entirely a different shade than the East Coast. The abundance of wild sage cast a muted green tone across the landscape.

  2. Debbie, as you already know from past posts, I too love green, it’s my very favorite color! There is something so calming and relaxing about green and yet, as you said, invigorating.

    “In Indian thought, green is the heart chakra, the center of one’s being.”

    I practice Reiki, which works through the energy centers of the body and will very often see the color green when I’m sharing a session with someone. Green is such a healing color.

    Fascinating post, my friend! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Have a great March green day!

    • Ron, I thought about you when I came across that info about the chakras because I remember your saying you practice Reiki. A person could do a lot worse than having a green aura surrounding them, right?!

      I love most every shade of green, though I can’t wear all of them. Those with a heavy yellow cast tend to wash me right out, while the blueish ones are just fine.

      Thanks for sharing my joy of green, and have a wonderful week! xo

    • I, too, am wearing green today and looking around, I find all sorts of green shades to feast my eyes on! Now if Mother Nature will cooperate a bit and send all this cold weather packing, we’ll get some greening outside as well!

    • Somehow, Audrey, I just *knew* you’d be a fan of green, too! Isn’t it wonderful how many shades there are? I lean toward the blue side, but it’s a lovely color however it appears!

  3. I love green: not every shade, but many of them. I tend more toward yellow-greens, even if the yellow is subtle. My living and dining room are painted green and cream, and I just love it.

    You didn’t mention my favorite stone: gaspeite. It was discovered on the Gaspé penninsula in Canada, and was found only in Canada and Australia. Here are some treasures from Etsy. I have three bracelets and one pair of earrings. I haven’t worn them in a while. I’ll have to dig them out and “go green” for a while.

      • Is that Dixie-Doodle?? She’s SUCH a beauty — and she seems to know it! Her eyes are gorgeous — too bad people don’t have eyes that shade! Thanks for letting me take a peek at her!!

    • I think I’d find your living and dining room a lovely place to hang out! I don’t have any rooms painted green, but I do have a LOT of green decorations around, in the form of throw pillows, rugs, etc. Can’t get too much green, as evidenced by Mother Nature herself!

      I don’t have any gaspeite, but it’s stunning! Yes, you should definitely bring out your jewelry and celebrate Spring!

  4. I used to not particularly care for green. In my youth, I favored red and pink. But then one day, I took a second look at green and found it calming. Now, my bedroom walls are green and it makes for a nice haven for my and the doggies. Green is rather pleasant, if you ask me.

    • I’m glad you’ve come over to the green side, Monica!! You won’t be sorry, you know. I like lots of colors, but green is my favorite (doesn’t hurt that emerald is the shade of Ireland, either!)

  5. Green in nature is beautiful. I like the brilliant green of plants in places with abundant water, probably because that’s not all that common where I live. Purple is still my favorite color but I can appreciate green, we’ll, and the other colors too 🙂

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