19 thoughts on “Gotcha, Goose!

  1. And a fine limerick it is — funny, and perfect in form. You must be tuning up for St. Patrick’s day! First, you remind us of all the green around us, and now we have a limerick. My half-Irish eyes are smiling!

    • Ah, ’tis wonderful to bring smiles to your half-Irish eyes! Thanks so much for your lovely praise — at least Dallas hasn’t blinded this toy!! He’s got one that Domer refers to as “Justice” — no eyes at all, ha!

    • This one makes a honking noise, unlike those that have squeakers. I think he relishes the notion of difference. Or perhaps he’s just exerting his dominance with that paw draped across Goose!!

  2. OMG Debbie, what wonderfully clever and funny limerick! And of course, it’s always a treat to see Dallas in your posts because his cute little face ALWAYS melts my heart. He is SUCH an adorable doggie. He’s got the sweetest little eyes.

    (((((((((( Dallas )))))))))

    Thanks for the smiles, my friend. Have a great rest of your week!
    X to you and Dallas

    • Aw, Ron, gee, thanks for such high words of praise! You’re right, you know. There’s just something about Dallas’s eyes that melts the heart. And he’s exhibited it right from the very beginning, too. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to scold him for begging at the table when he turns those eyes on you!!

      Happy rest of the week to you — stay dry in all that rain. xo

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