Sunday’s Gem

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ~Albert Einstein

Thus far, I’ve resisted the urge to have a regular feature on my blog, but sometimes I question that decision.

Other bloggers have a set schedule for posting, with a predetermined topic to write about, and it seems to work for them. Provides some organization for the writer, while letting readers anticipate what’s to come.

I seriously considered having a regular feature here, too. I’d call it “Sunday’s Gem” and every week, I’d feature a new gemstone.

Without getting all mystical and stuff, I could discuss its properties, where it can be found, what it looks like, what healing it’s said to bring about, and so forth. I could take a photo of it if it’s something I’ve used in a piece of beaded jewelry; otherwise, I could borrow a picture online, giving credit where it’s due.

There are hundreds of different gemstones, so I wouldn’t run out of subject matter soon. And we could all learn together.

But maybe I was right in the first place.

Maybe you don’t care a fig about gemstones. Maybe you don’t want to have to read any more posts than I’m already writing.

Oh, who’s kidding? Maybe I’m the problem. I doubt I have time to do all the research necessary for such a featured post, and I shudder at the idea of being boxed in and having to adhere to a set schedule and topic.

Nevertheless, gemstones fascinate me.

When I started beading jewelry, I chose stones based on color. Or feel. Shape, and whether they had that glitter factor.

It was enough.

But as time went on and I became more proficient, I noticed how some gemstones were said to have characteristics of healing. Physical, mental, spiritual.

It stands to reason that, as part of our earth, even what are considered inanimate rocks have energy. And if properly harnessed, that energy can be used for good.

Hmm, how about a compromise?

Every so often, I’ll post on Sunday (something I rarely do now). And those posts will fall under the category, “Sunday’s Gem.”

You’ll know what you’re getting, and I’ll be able to tell whether this idea works or not.


23 thoughts on “Sunday’s Gem

  1. Sounds like a good deal to me! I think tying yourself down to an every week post can become a real drag and stop blogging being fun if you’re not careful. (I know I have a couple of regular slots, but they’re specifically designed to not need much time spent on them.) I shall look forward to learning more about gemstones as and when you post! 🙂

    • Thanks for being such a good sport, FF! I love blogging — more than that, I love interacting with clever, talented, interesting readers, and the last thing I’d want to do is run them all off! And you’re right — blogging can take over your life if you let it, and there are dozens of other things I need and want to do also. Gee, I need one of those time-twister thingies Hermione had in the Harry Potter books!

  2. I’ve enjoyed your gemstone posts, and certainly wouldn’t mind more.How you organize them, or how often you post them, or whether you use a schedule? That’s up to you. When I see you’ve posted something, I read — whatever it is!

    • Music to my ears, Linda — thank you!! I feel the same way about your wonderful posts, and I can’t imagine not learning something, having a good chuckle, saying a prayer over someone’s sorrow, or whatever after reading my string of blogs. We’ve just all become this warm, fuzzy family…without the drama over holidays, ha! I promise not to abuse y’all’s trust!

  3. Debbie, I for one (being someone who is very interested in gemstones and their energetic healing properties) would VERY much enjoy your Sunday’s Gem post!

    I too have stayed away from committing to a “regular feature” on my blog for the past 8 years because like you, I no longer don’t wish to adhere to a schedule; especially these past 6 months when I’ve totally changed the way I blog. I used to post three times a week, then two times a week, and now I’m at point where I simply want to post only when the feeling and desire moves me. And I’m really enjoying this new way of blogging because I feel so much more relaxed.

    So yes – “Every so often, I’ll post on Sunday (something I rarely do now). And those posts will fall under the category, “Sunday’s Gem.” – sounds good to me!

    Hope you’re having a fab week, my friend!

    Gosh, I can’t believe it’s almost the weekend?!

    • Thank you soooo much, Ron! Posting regularly is something that works for many people, but I can’t box myself in like that. I have a nagging fear that, if blogging becomes regimented for me, I might grow to hate it and give it up entirely (something I don’t want to do!). Nor do I want to write posts that are so dull my friends/readers run screaming for the hills!!

      As it is, there are just SO MANY things that interest me that sometimes I find it hard focusing on just one. Does that makes sense, or sound crazy? The thought of giving up any of my “hobbies” or my work makes me itch!!

      Here’s hoping you’ll have a grand weekend, my friend! xx

  4. I love gemstones and learning about them! However, you post whatever is on your mind at any given time. Hope your weekend is splendid!

    • Thanks so much, Suzi. I love the way you’ve incorporated structure into your posts of late. Reading what you’ve accomplished every day in a once-a-week post makes a lot of sense. Besides, it frees up the rest of your week so you have time to accomplish things! Happy Friday!

  5. Deal! I know what you mean about a set schedule. In theory it sounds nice, but I’m more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda gal… But gemstones are fascinating. Tucson hosts the largest gem and mineral show. When I lived there, I was amazed at how people came from everywhere. So we’re not alone in our fascination… Looking forward to seeing these Sunday gems!

    • You too?? Oh, how I struggle with “advice” telling me I have to outline! If I have to go through that drudgery, I might as well be back in seventh grade. Nope, I’m a “pantser” and proud of it — if I don’t know where the story is taking me, I’m engaged and enjoying it (and hopefully, so will my readers be!)

      I’ve never been to Tuscon, but it sounds like I’m missing something fascinating in that gem and mineral show. I’ll have to remedy my failing one day — and I want to see the desert in bloom, too!

  6. Deal. I always wonder about posting on Sundays. I’ve been told there are fewer folk reading on the weekends so it’s not worth it. But maybe you’ll prove that old adage wrong. Bring on the gems!

    • Thanks, Monica. Maybe posting on Sunday has its benefits, in that if folks don’t read until Monday, I don’t have to post on Monday, ha! I appreciate your support and encouragement!

  7. Debbie, it doesn’t matter when you post or what your “gemstone,” I will follow you because I love the writing and the connection that it gives us. Like you I have trouble fitting my blog into a niche. So write whatever, whenever, and your fans will be back for more.

    • You couldn’t have said anything nicer, Pat, and I’m grateful. I feel the exact same way about you and the rest of my blogging buddies! The writing and the connection are what draw us in…and keep us coming back for more. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  8. Sounds great to me! I’m interested in learning more about healing and other properties of gemstones.

    Like you, I have not had a regular feature in my writings, at least not consistently. I just know I don’t have the time to stay diligent about it. But I like your idea of having a periodic feature. 🙂

    • Thanks for your understanding and encouragement, Tee! I wish I could get “serious” and blog every day, but it’s just not me. There are far too many “sparkly things” that grab my attention elsewhere…especially on pretty and warm Spring days!

  9. Deb…sounds like extra pressure to me. Life is packed with deadlines. I say just go with the flow. When ever you feel like writing, what ever you feel like writing. I guess you can try it and see if it’s inspiring for you to do. I love your stuff no matter what!

  10. I try to keep a schedule, as you know, and fail at it rather miserably. Gemstones sound fascinating! I’d love to hear about them. I think as long as you’re passionate about what you’re writing/talking about, others will enjoy it. *nods*

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