42 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Aw, thanks, Lucy. He actually was in the middle of playing Fetch, when the ball landed on the treadmill, he chased it down, and opted for recess!

    • Monica, something tells me people at your gym would give you all kinds of nasty stares if you plopped down on the treadmill and sat there grinning at them!!

  1. OH MY GOD….how absolutely BRILLIANT, Dallas!!!!


    And have I told lately how ADORABLE you are?

    Tell Mama I said Happy Thursday!

    X to you both

    • Hugs right back at you, Ron! Yes, he makes exercise look practically enjoyable, huh? Probably ought to be in an ad for a gym or something! Enjoy the rest of your week! xx

  2. I think Dallas has the right idea! BUT my Mom’s Doberman runs 15 minutes on the treadmill every day and it shows….I mean really, it is keeps her in show shape. :-D. She doesn’t exactly like it but she doesn’t resist.

    • See? This just proves you CAN teach an older dog new tricks! During the winter months, I had Dallas walking on the treadmill — not too fast and not too long. He didn’t particularly like it (but he enjoyed the treat afterward!). His familiarity with the thing is probably why he felt comfy enough to rest on it during a fast game of Fetch. Glad to hear treadmills can help our pups as much as they can help us!!

  3. Hehe! Dallas, you have the right idea! Exercise is such a silly human concept! We find the occasional stretch between naps is plenty to keep us in perfect shape!

    Love, Tommy and Tuppence

    • Animals are way more sensible than hoomans, aren’t they? Nothing like a nice nap…morning, afternoon, evening…to keep us dogs and cats fit as fiddles! Nice to see you two (and your servant!) around these parts. I’d kind of like to see Murray take the Open — how ’bout you??

      • I have fingers, toes and legs crossed! It’s not easy to get around but hopefully it’ll be worth it! 😉 Must say, I do like Djokovich too, so though I want Andy to win, it’ll be a good result for me either way…

        • Yes, 79 years since we last had a man in the final! But Andy’s already won Winbledon, the US Open, the Olympics and the Davis Cup (pretty much single-handedly), so he’s our greatest champ since the 1930s already – and he’s Scottish, not British! (But don’t tell the English I said that…) 😉

        • Haha! I’m sorry – I’m only joking – he is British! It’s just that we always joke over here that when a Scot wins he’s British, but suddenly when he loses the English commentators all start calling him Scottish…

        • Really? So that’s why all the articles I saw about him said he was British — you were just teasing me, weren’t you?! 😉

    • Right. And I’ll have to give up eating entirely! On second thought, this is such a lovely time of year, perhaps the two of us need to be walking outside!

  4. Your house resembles mine. Fun critters that are great fodder for stories and photos.
    He’s gorgeous. Ours is black and white. I wrote about him being my shepherd. Always where I am.

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