Watermelon-colored Crepe Myrtle

Watermelon-colored Crepe Myrtle

Bloom where you’re planted,

Or leave and thrive somewhere else.

We, like seeds, need goals.

29 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. So beautifully expressed, Debbie! Isn’t it something how when were are attuned to nature, it guides us through life?

    “We, like seeds, need goals.”

    Loved that!

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration, my friend.

  2. The difference is that seeds can only produce what they’ve been programmed to produce — albeit with some variation. On the other hand, we have remarkable freedom to choose what we become. That’s part of the fun of living.

    It is fun to see your crepe myrtle doing so well. I remember an earlier photo where it wasn’t looking nearly so perky!

    • You’ve made a great point, Linda. We do have freedom to choose — within reason, of course. There’s NO WAY I’ll ever be an Olympic swimmer, for instance, ha!

      I’m sooo proud of my crepe myrtle! It’s way taller than I am now. I guess, hardy as they are, they still like to be babied through those Illinois winters!!

    • Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. They’re pretty hardy if they can survive our wretched winters and steamy summers (how’d you like my alliteration?!?)

    • Good to recognize that, Mo! I rather enjoyed living in other states, learning about things we didn’t have when I was growing up in the Midwest. I suppose that’s just a difference in people, one that makes them so fascinating!

  3. We have one Crepe Myrtle that color out here at the lake in AL. Mom always loved those flowers and I think of her every time I walk by it when I’m here. Didn’t know they were called watermelon. That’s kinda cool!

    • These beauties are all over the South, Monica. They’re particularly tolerant of heat, so I guess they’re ideally suited for those temperatures. I’ve seen them in this medium pink color, in white, pale pink, and even lilac. They’re truly magnificent when in full bloom!

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