Jawbreaker Sky


Spend time looking up.
Nature changes clothes often.
If you say you’re too
Busy to see pinks, golds, greys,
You’re just too busy indeed!

Note: Jawbreakers, or Gobstoppers to my friends in the United Kingdom, are pieces of hard candy that dissolve into different colors the longer they’re sucked. Far too hard to bite into, they’ve been a children’s favorite for decades.

Form: This is my first Tanka. The photo is one I took near sunset recently.

28 thoughts on “Jawbreaker Sky

  1. What a stunning sunset! Look at the colours! And I love the term ‘jawbreaker sky’, that’s just brilliant. One must always find time to see all the colours – never too busy to appreciate the pretty things!

  2. It is amazing to watch the sky change colors. Your title — jawbreaker sky — is perfect. And someone gave me a tip recently that confirmed something I’ve known unconsciously, but never thought about: actual sunset often isn’t the end of the show. If there are clouds, sticking around for another fifteen minutes can pay big dividends!

    • Really?? I didn’t know that, Linda. Thanks for the tip, and now I’ll know to hang around a bit longer to enjoy the show. Of course, the sunsets are getting earlier and earlier at this time of year, but as I was telling Lucy (above), lately they’ve been spectacular. Must be something about the clouds and the way the sun is filtering light.

    • Thanks so much, DD. I used to love jawbreakers as a kid, but I haven’t had one in years. Somebody somewhere has probably banished the sale of them, fearing lawsuits though.

  3. Great photo, and I love the idea of a jawbreaker sky! Jawbreaker is so much nicer than gobstopper. The sky is amazing – I often find myself standing in the street gazing up, especially at dusk when the blues become so deep.

  4. Debbie, LOVE the picture, LOVE your poem! And as you know, I love looking up. I’m a big-time sky watcher. And I especially love sunsets because I really savor the peaceful conclusion of a day and how the sky gradually moves from light to dark. But it’s that time in between (dusk) like in your photograph, that I love the most because it’s so colorful!

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty!

    Have a great rest of your week, my friend!

    • I know you’re a BIG fan of looking up, Ron. I am, too. The sky is so much bigger than we are, so much grander than any problem we’re facing. And I just find so much peace when I look up there!

      I’ve found it especially challenging to get *good* photos of sunrises, though. Perhaps there’s a big part of me that’s eager to get on with the day’s activities; perhaps we just don’t have as decent a vantage point for capturing them. Who knows?

      Happy almost-weekend, my dear!! xx

  5. Beautiful sky! There was an evening recently when the skies here were filled with an amazing variety of colors. I wonder if it was the same night as yours.

    Jawbreakers – that’s a very clever comparison, and as soon as it registered in my mind, I had to agree that your sky does resemble one!

    • Thanks, Monica. One of these days, I’m going to have my camera in hand so I can capture a breath-taking sunrise — or that’s the plan anyway! For now, ’tis easier catching sunsets. Glad you enjoyed this one!

  6. Oh I agree with this whole-heartedly. In fact, I think we’re too busy for many of the richest beauties of nature and the simple joys.

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