Made it, After All!


Go forward boldly
Refuse to accept defeat
Focus on success


Note: This is the Begonia the bird’s nest grew in earlier this season. I’m still amazed the nursery didn’t squeeze the life out of this determined flower, but perhaps it’s a reminder to me of the importance of persistence!

28 thoughts on “Made it, After All!

  1. Yay! Begonias are tough. The one of mine (think it’s called a weeping begonia) the squirrels tore up has bloomed again. Funny thing is it was a beautiful orange and now it is red!

    • Oh, wow, I’ve never heard of one changing colors like that! How pretty! The leaves on mine are rather faded — probably due to the lack of water and food — but otherwise, it looks pretty good. Amazingly!

    • Not so fast, FF. Usually, when birds nest in hanging baskets, the plant somehow gets the short end of things. I imagine it’s not healthy for a flowering plant to go several weeks without water or fertilization while the wee ones are developing. But thankfully, this one made it, and it doesn’t seem to display any ill effects. ‘Tis a wonder!

  2. *clapping*

    That’s AWESOME, Debbie! And a what beautiful begonia it is! I love that it has both white and red blossoms.

    Isn’t nature GRAND?

    Hope you’re having a faaaabulous week, my friend!

    • Ron, I think the combination of red and white is what drew me to this particular Begonia in the first place. It’s a lovely combination, one you don’t see in nature all that often, and it’s really “blossomed” after sheltering the bird family.

      Glad you enjoyed “the rest of the story,” my friend. Have a happy Wednesday! xo

    • Me, too, Kb. I was fully prepared — mentally — for the poor plant to bite the dust. No water, no food for close to a whole month in the heat of an Illinois summer didn’t bode well. However, apparently, the plant saw things differently, and I’m glad it did!

  3. Some flowers do seem tougher than others. Geraniums will come back, too. Your begonia is just glorious. Perhaps it’s Mother Nature rewarding you for being so kind to one of her own!

    • We’ve kept Geraniums all winter inside, then set them out in Spring, where they seem to do just fine, so I know the truth of your words, Linda. Somehow, I never expected a Begonia to be this sturdy. Maybe it’s a different variety?? Anyway, I love the idea of Nature rewarding me for taking care of the wee ones!!

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