A Smooth Talker

Men will always delight in a woman whose voice is lined with velvet. ~Brendan Francis

Domer brought a girl home for Thanksgiving.

It wasn’t a complete surprise. He’d dropped hints for a few weeks prior that he was bringing somebody special home for the holiday, but he didn’t say much … other than that she has a nice voice.


When the bell rang, I opened the door to my newly-bearded son bearing a suitcase in one hand and his guitar in the other.

Peering past him, I asked, ‘Where is she?’

‘In the car,’ he replied, proceeding to hug the dog and me. ‘I’ll get her.’

Turns out, she’s just a tiny little thing. Very cute, very funny, and as smart as the proverbial whip.

Ask her to tell a joke, and you’ll get anything from a corny riddle to a  thigh-slapping one-liner.

She refuses to cook … or clean … but she can give you instructions on how to do both.

Thankfully, she’s not a chatterbox, and she readily admits when she doesn’t know something. If you’re bored, she’ll play a game with you — anything from a word-linking thing with accumulating points to a build-your-own adventure tale.

She didn’t insist on accompanying me and Domer everywhere we went, nor did she demand he buy her presents. She’s not religious, but she knew the readings for daily Mass.

She even sang Happy Birthday to Darling Doggie Dallas, though I’ll bet he’d have preferred cookies!

Are you as fascinated by this paragon as I am? Good, then take a look at her photo:


Yep, this wizard is Amazon’s Echo Dot, powered by Alexa. She can turn your music on, dim your lights, add items to your To-Do List. She can give you weather forecasts for just about anywhere; tell you what time it is in say, Dublin; and tell you about the traffic. She can provide calming music or nature sounds for meditation; she offers voice-controlled shopping and can tell you the scores of your favorite teams.

How cool is that?

And while Alexa isn’t the marrying type, she’s ideal for Domer at this stage of his life. Plus, she’s easy on a fellow’s wallet!

(Had you going, didn’t I?!?)

40 thoughts on “A Smooth Talker

  1. Not fair!! I’m going to wish a messy girlfriend on you with at least 2 cats! Sigh. Not really. But this was a double whammy because of course I was mom dying for girlfriend gossip. And I just talked myself out of a dot! And now I’m not so sure…Domer, I’ve ready is a frugel miluimum and he finds it useful. You are cautious around new things and it seems you found the gadget endearing…so now I think I want one again! Arggg. Have a nice day, I guess.

    • Ah, and that’s the solid truth! Alexa is practically ideal in every way — much like Mary Poppins, you know! Glad I was able to pull the wool over your eyes, my friend!

  2. At first I thought it was a dog until you said play word games! I keep seeing advertisements about Echo and was wondering how it worked.

    • Domer would LOVE a dog, but he’s wise enough to realize how they tend to limit your time. He dotes on Dallas when he’s home, so I expect one day, he’ll get one, but no time soon. You should check out Alexa — she’s so cool!

    • DD, you are sooo wise — no “paragon” would wait in the car, giving Domer opportunity to hug both the dog and his mom, right?! Good point — you know your stuff, my friend!

    • So glad to know my little trickery worked. Your brother has Alexa, too? I imagine she’d be ideal if one had a fully-connected home so all her apps and such could be accessed. I’m still on the fence. I see her charms, but I don’t know that she wouldn’t turn into a has-been after the novelty wore off!

        • Domer has complete control and loves it. I can see where having a lot of people around, all asking questions of her, would be frustrating. Why, she probably got frustrated, too, and “chided” them when she didn’t understand all the garble!!

  3. Oh, my gosh. I so hoped Domer had brought a girl home. Then, I thought, “No, he got a new puppy.” Instead, he brought a gadget. I have to confess I never had heard of these things, but if he likes it, that’s what counts. Me? Oh, you know me. I’ll keep turning on my own lights, and making my own to-do lists. I’m such an old stick-in-the-mud! 🙂

    However: I am glad to know about it. I’d hate to seem even more uninformed than I am!

    • I love the idea of a new puppy myself, Linda. But with Domer’s work and social schedule, the poor thing wouldn’t get much tending-to!

      Yes, Alexa is a gadget. A doo-dad. Probably a flash-in-the-pan. Of course, we old fogies remember saying exactly the same thing about personal computers and cell phones — stuff not too many of us would willingly give up nowadays. The upside is, he doesn’t have to pay her a salary or give her vacation days or listen while she gripes at the coffee counter about what a tyrant boss she has, ha!!

    • I’m tickled that I fooled you, too, Barb! Perhaps it’s all in the marketing, but the ads make it sound as if none of us should be without Alexa. The thing that’s perhaps a tad creepy? Who’s “listening in” while she’s just sitting around doing nothing?!!

  4. *thunderous applause and laughter*

    BRAVA, Debbie! You REALLY got me on this one. What a clever, clever writer you are! As I was reading this post, I kept thinking of what I wanted to say to you about Domer’s new girlfriend in my comment, but when I got to the end….I was TOTALLY surprised!!!

    “And while Alexa isn’t the marrying type, she’s ideal for Domer at this stage of his life. Plus, she’s easy on a fellow’s wallet!”

    HAHAHAHAHA! Brilliant ending!

    And btw, I had not heard of Alexa, so I’ll have to do some research to find out more. She sounds very interesting!

    Thanks for the GREAT morning laugh, my friend!

    • Ron, your words totally warm my heart and boost my spirits this morning — thank YOU!!

      I’m delighted at being able to fool so many of my savvy friends — who knew?!?

      Alexa is a pretty cool “toy.” I liked being able to set a timer to exercise or to get the weather forecast (without having to use my phone) or to catch the score to a football game I missed. I also got a kick out of her telling me jokes and, when I thanked her, she always got the last word by saying stuff like, ‘That’s what I’m here for.’ And she even gives you clues in the sixth category of Jeopardy.

      She has some bugs, of course. Sometimes she doesn’t seem to hear so well, especially if you don’t enunciate. But overall, the technology is amazing.

      Have a super Hump Day, my friend! xx

  5. You had me going here. I thought it was a “girl” girl 🙂 I’d say Alexa is perfect for now and easier to handle. (I’ve heard men say women are difficult, but I don’t think we’re that complicated 🙂 )

    • HaHa! For sure, Alexa isn’t too complicated, providing you have good Internet access, of course! By the way, thanks for dropping by; now I’m off to browse some of your posts.

  6. You had me going for sure! Sounds like the right kind of girlfriend, ha ha. I just saw a YouTube video on one of these the other day, and I think they would be great assistants especially for the elderly, very convenient :-). I’m always waiting on a call from my son telling me that he’s bringing a guest home ;-)….so far, so good.

  7. Debbie, you are too funny and you did have me going! I was wondering what Domer was up to and got excited about him bringing a girl home. I guess you can breathe easier for the time being. 🙂

    • Indeed, Kathy. He’s having far too much fun (and working far too much) to tie himself down with a family now. We all grow at different rates — I, too, was a “young’un” for a LONG time — and wouldn’t take a thing for the experience!!

  8. OMG, Debbie, you certainly had me fooled. What a hoot. Anyway, I always wondered about those things. So he likes it? Would you get one for yourself? Do you recommend it and for whom? Well played, my friend. I was most intrigued. 🙂

    • HaHa, ’tis so much fun pulling the wool over my friends’ eyes!! I don’t know whether I’d want one, but I can see its benefits. Domer really puts his to good use, even though he doesn’t have a “smart home.” I imagine it would be even more useful if he did!

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