Sunday’s Gem — Carnelian

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ~Albert Einstein

Need some help getting motivated? Perhaps a dash of courage/confidence to move forward? Or a spot of oomph to clarify your goals in the first place?

Then you need some Carnelian.

8 mm round Carnelian beads

8 mm round Carnelian beads

A variety of Chalcedony, Carnelian typically appears as a translucent stone ranging in color from pale pinkish-orange to deep rusty brown. Iron oxide contributes to its shades of sunset red. The name Carnelian comes from the Latin for “flesh” or “cherry.”

Carnelian has been around for more than 4,000 years. It ranks 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness (1-10). This sturdy stone accompanied ancient warriors into battle, served as an amulet and insignia ring, and was revered by the nobility. It was used to protect the dead on their journey to the afterlife.

Both Mohammed and Napoleon are said to have worn Carnelian gemstones for luck.

Carnelian is found in many countries, from Europe to South America, but the best stones seem to come from India.

Healers use Carnelian to treat lower back problems, arthritis, and depression. The stone is said to regulate the kidneys and speed healing to bones and ligaments. It can be worn as jewelry, held in the hand, or taken as an elixir.

Bracelet I made using Carnelian stones

Bracelet I made using Carnelian stones

Carnelian is useful for overcoming negativity and abuse, improving concentration, calming anger, and boosting creativity (did somebody say ideal for writers?!). It’s believed to help protect one’s home from theft and fire, too.

As the first stone in the High Priest’s breastplate, Carnelian signified the blood of martyrs. According to the Bible (Rev. 21), it’s the stone in the sixth foundation wall of the New Jerusalem (called Sardius back in the day).

Carnelian is the stone of prosperity. Some of the professions most helped by it are architects, athletes, journalists, sales people, and singers.

Metaphysical healers believe Carnelian stimulates the Sacral (Second) Chakra, located just below the naval. This area is the center of the body’s Life Force. When properly balanced, the Second Chakra provides more accurate gut feelings; when unbalanced, it causes confusion and dependency on others.

Carnelian is the traditional zodiac stone for those born under Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) and historically the birthstone for August. Feng Shui practitioners believe Carnelian uses Fire Energy, Yang in nature, and as such, should be placed in the south area (fame and reputation) of a home or room.

Note: The claims here aren’t meant to take the place of medical advice. They’re based on folklore and various other sources, and likely “work” best if one’s belief is strong enough!

29 thoughts on “Sunday’s Gem — Carnelian

  1. I took one look at those beads and thought, “Those have to be — what?” I couldn’t remember. When I looked at them, I saw them not as stones, but as something soft, and pinch-able. I finally got it. They look like the soft gel capsules that used to be around. Maybe they still are. They were part of my life as a kid. I can’t remember exactly why — they probably held vitamins or some such — but the capsules were exactly that size and color. Here’s another example. The beads are beautiful, but so were the capsules — what memories!

    • Linda, my mom and dad used to be on a Vitamin E kick for prevention of heart disease and cancer. The link to the cod liver oil tablets that you shared shows capsules that look just like those Vitamin E ones! Perhaps the pharmaceutical companies are having trouble coming up with original-looking medicines, ha!

      Anyway, I’m glad if this post triggered some happy memories for you — stay dry in all the rain heading your way!

    • Would you believe Carnelian does help … at least a little bit? That bracelet is one I go to when the back pain from my fall becomes unmanageable, and yes, it does seem to ease the discomfort. I suppose it sounds a bit like voodoo, but I firmly believe a good and gracious God put everything here that He knew we’d need. Why can’t inanimate rocks, mushrooms, bugs, or whatever be healing for our aches and diseases? Why are people more enamored of chemicals than natural means of relieving distress? Okay, now I’ll hop back off my soapbox!!

  2. “Metaphysical healers believe Carnelian stimulates the Sacral (Second) Chakra, located just below the naval. This area is the center of the body’s Life Force. When properly balanced, the Second Chakra provides more accurate gut feelings; when unbalanced, it causes confusion and dependency on others.”

    Yes, yes, yes! Debbie, as you know I’ve studied and practiced natural/alternative healing modalities for years and years, and you’re spot on about that.

    Like you, I believe that there are many natural, God-given things on this earth that were placed here for our good. So why not investigate them? I’ve believed in natural therapies since I was very young and have seen proof that they work.

    Another fascinating and educational gemstone post, my friend! Much thanks!

    Have a super Sunday!

    P.S. The bracelet you made is so beautiful!

    • Ron, I’m ever so grateful when you confirm my findings about natural healing! As one who doesn’t do well on most medicines, I’ve found I naturally gravitate to less invasive therapies. I know traditional medicine has its uses (and believers), but when you read the side effect profile on most drugs, you’ll wonder if the “cure” isn’t worse than what you’ve got in the first place!

      I’m glad to hear I’m not boring people silly with these healing gemstones. I’ve learned so much from doing the research to post them, and I appreciate my online friends letting me indulge my passions!

      Thanks for the compliments on my bracelet, too. And yes, it really does ease my low-back pain (that I got when I fell a couple of years ago).

      Happy rest of your weekend — are you expecting any snow?? xx

    • Ha! The ones I’ve seen (and the ones I’ve photographed here) aren’t anywhere near as big as grapes, Kim. But now you’ve got my mouth watering for grapes — and they’re so expensive at this time of year. Sigh. xx

    • Me, too, Suzi! Of course, orange isn’t one of my favorite colors, and I don’t wear it well at all up close to my face, but I make an exception when it comes to Carnelian. These gems are just so useful for so many woes (speaking of which, I hope you’re felling better now!)

    • Aw, thanks, Audrey. I wish I liked orange better, but perhaps it’s good not to wear too much of one color? I mean, imagine how stunning Carnelian looks up against, say black or navy, rather than against more orange!

  3. I’ll have to try Carnelian for my lower back pain. After a day of being pulled every which way I often need something to boost the over the counter medicine. And it is pretty!

    • Let me know if it works for you, Kb. Personally, I’ve found that it does, for me. It might be “all in the mind,” but who cares as long as I get relief?! And, like you say, it’s pretty, and who can’t use more pretty in their world?!

  4. For some reason I always thought carnelian was more brightly red than that. I think I prefer it as it is though – love your bracelet! I could do with a concentration booster too…

    • Carnelian ranges from a pale orangey-pink to a deep rusty brown, typical shades for brilliant sunsets, so you’re right in your perception. The stones I’ve pictured are more orange. Even when I Googled it, most of what I found came up kind of a rust orange. I’d like to see some in brilliant red, though! Don’t we all get a little scatter-brained as the holidays and end-of-the-year near?!?

  5. Debbie, that’s a beautiful stone, I love the fiery beauty of the red. I’ll bet you have a wonderful collection of hand crafted bracelets that you get many compliments on :-D. The Einstein quote on nature is a great one, I like it quite a bit. Have a lovely week….xo

    • Thank you, Lana. Yes, I’ve got way more bracelets than arms, ha! Sometimes I wonder why I don’t throw them into a website and try to sell them online, but then I remember — I *write*, and I don’t have time for everything!!

      • Oh Debbie, ha ha, I have way more bracelets than I need too, but aren’t they a great form of creative expression? I have trouble sometimes remembering that I “write” also, too many things seem to get in the way of that. Where does the time go… 😀

  6. Debbie, It’s me! I finally made it over. 🙂 This is fascinating–that a tiny bead can influence your health and well-being. I had an experience that aligns with this. Last year when I was having some difficulty adjusting to home peritoneal dialysis, my nurse gave me her chakra bracelet to help me feel more”balanced”. My initial reaction was one of skepticism. I usually don’t buy into these practices but I was desperate. I wore the bracelet every day and willed it to work..and I swear it did. I began feeling better–“almost normal” again. Then one day, I tripped and shattered my left wrist in three places…life! I’m healing fine and am adjusting to my new normal. Moral of the worked when I believed it would.

    • Hey, Kathy, it’s always good to see your smile over here! Yes, I, too, was skeptical at first, but I’ve tested many of these gemstones and found (surprise!) they do work! As you say, belief is part of the solution (and when one is in pain and figures one is at his last rope, that might be the best time to test them!!) Glad you’re feeling better, my friend.

  7. I’ve heard of carnelian but had no idea of the “powers” or uses. I think I should wrap myself like a mummy in a string of carnelian beads 🙂 okay maybe not practical but at this point, I’d try almost anything, haha!

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