28 thoughts on “Relishing the Warmth

    • He’s that groundhog in Pennsylvania who thinks he can predict the weather. Every Feb. 2, men dressed in top hats and tuxedos yank him out of his burrow — if he sees his shadow, they take it to mean we’ll have six more weeks of winter. If not, we’re supposed to have an early spring. This year, he predicted more winter and thus far, we haven’t seen it (not that I’m complaining!) Odd the things we Americans do for a celebration, huh?!?

  1. *applause*

    GLORIOUS photograph, Debbie! What an amazing capture!

    Before we know it, Spring with be here! Although you know me, I love Winter, so I’m waiting for one more good, heavy snowfall.

    Have a super weekend, my friend!

    • Thanks, Ron. If I had my choice, I’d send you, sight unseen, ALL the remaining snowfalls scheduled for my area. That way, we’d both be happy, ha!

      Enjoy this three-day weekend, my dear! xo

  2. That’s a beautiful sunset, Debbie. Honestly, I’m hoping we stay a little more seasonal (i.e., cool) for a while yet. I don’t want all the peach trees to set buds, and then have them freeze. Likewise, the blueberries. But the strawberries are being picked at my favorite farm now, and maybe this weekend I’ll go get some. They aren’t really early here — this is the season. Bring it on, sez me!

    • You know, Linda, that’s exactly my concern — that everything will start budding out, only to be nipped by Mother Nature’s chill. I’ve already got a rose bush starting to leaf on the south (sunny) side of the house, as well as daffodils peeking through the soil. I can handle the daffodils because they usually start about this time, but roses? Or crepe myrtles? No, ma’am!!

  3. Beautiful Debbie! I can’t truly complain either, although I still do, ha ha. We had about 5 days of extreme cold in my neck of the woods this year. We have even had one day in February that was almost 90 degrees! All the spring plants are sprouting their little faces….I do love spring, though!

    • Ninety degrees?? Oh, my, that’s far too hot for February, even where you are, isn’t it? We’re looking for high 60s — maybe even 70 — this weekend, and with a lot of folks having three days to play, I expect the golf courses will be packed! The downside is, it’s going to hurt so much more when the temps start crashing down again!

    • Did you really? I avoid shoveling unless I have to — and I have to keep certain areas clean or Dallas brings the yard inside with him! That said, much of the snows we got were history within a day or two — my kind of weather, ha!

  4. Having recently moved to Arizona – I’ve forgotten what a shovel is! After spending most of my life in Colorado – it really throws me off to have such lovely weather in the winter. But I can get used to it. I know summer’s heat is coming – but I’ll relish the warmth for now too! What a lovely photograph, Debbie and poetry to accompany it.

    • Thanks so much, Barb. Good to hear you’re settling in after your big move! I think I might miss having four distinct seasons. The problem with winter is that it hangs on far too long usually, ha!

    • Thank you, Monica. I’m inclined to doubt the furry prognosticator, myself. However, I rather enjoy the hoopla, the men in tuxes, and the betting on whether he will see his shadow or not. I’ve lived in Illinois long enough to realize we’re going to see some winter regardless — right now, it’s just a question of *when*!!

  5. We just had a blizzard a week ago. A guy showed up at our door out of nowhere and asked to shovel. My husband was so happy and this guy shoveled and cleaned off all the cars. We paid Him and it was over. We still have a tiny bit of snow left.

    All and all it has been a great and uneventful winter sprinkled with a few really warm days for an extra treat. There has been beautiful sun rises and sets like your beautiful picture.

    It’s also almost LENT!!!

    Pretty soon you will have your spring pictures posted.

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