NOW it’s Spring

A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows.  ~Doug Larson, American journalist

There once was a wee Dandelion
Who said, “‘Tis true, I’m not lyin’.
Don’t call me a weed,
I’m precious indeed.
Who else can thrive without tryin’?”

18 thoughts on “NOW it’s Spring

  1. “Who else can thrive without tryin’?”

    Debbie, brilliant limerick! It totally made me smile 🙂 Also, I love the quote at the head of this post.

    I clicked over on the link you shared about the health benefits of dandelion and found it sooooo interesting!

    Happy Spring, my friend. Have a great week!

    • Ron, I’d have figured you knew all about the health benefits of dandelions! I was surprised to learn they can be so useful in so many conditions.

      Glad you enjoyed my limerick — they’re fun to write, once you get into the “swing” of the verse.

      I expect to spend much of this week in church, but that’s not a bad thing, right? Happy Spring to you, my friend!

    • They’re already finding a home in my yard! It’s a bit too early for flowers (except tulips and daffodils) so they kind of brighten things up though. And Dallas doesn’t seem to even see them, ha!

  2. Dandelion wine was a staple at gatherings when I was a kid — just like rhubarb. I’m told the young greens are good, but you have to get nice, fresh ones. They toughen up as they get old. And it’s important to get them from places that haven’t been sprayed with herbicide! When I still was collecting leaves and flowers for the pet squirrel, there was no taking them from lawns. I went out to places where there wouldn’t have been any spraying going on. Some people have been known to grow them organically, just to avoid the poison.

    • How fascinating! You know we don’t spray our lawn — mostly because of Dallas, but also in consideration of the bunnies, etc. that roam through. I imagine our dandelions would be perfect for wine-making if I were into that! But it’s funny I’ve never seen a squirrel nibble on dandelion leaves. Somebody must have told them about the posionous aspect and they’re wise enough to heed the advice!

  3. What a beautiful tribute to Spring (engulfed in cherry yellow)! I love the light verse to go along with the lightheartedness of my favorite season. Of course, a weed is in the eye of the beholder. I enjoyed this little verse immensely, Debbie. Also, I nominated you for a 5 Song Challenge, I almost never engage in challenges, but I was nominated by one of my favorite WordPress poets. You can feel free to participate, or pass, no pressure :D. Happy writing, my friend.

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