Egg Hunt 2017

Dallas here.

Mama said I had to wait until The Kid (AKA Domer) came home before we could hold my annual Easter Egg Hunt.

That was probably a good idea since Easter Sunday wasn’t the prettiest of days, as I recall.


What else is new? Well, we’ve had days on end of rain, making it a challenge to be a long-haired dog needing to use the outdoor facilities!

And the streets in our neighborhood have been under water, so all the peoples are staying put indoors. Including Mama, who’s supposed to be working on that novel-thing.

Anyway, I thought you’d like to see me hunting eggs (which Mama and The Kid laced with Pupperoni pieces). It was loads of fun!

Me, finding a pink egg. Grandma probably wouldn’t like me on her white sofa, heh heh!

Me, staring down a green egg and waiting for The Kid to bust into it so I can scarf up the treat!

Here Mama’s helping me get at the Pupperoni. She’s good like that sometimes.

Happy Thursday, efurryone!!

28 thoughts on “Egg Hunt 2017

  1. Hey, Dallas! What a clever hunting dog you are! You found those eggs with style and finesse! Sorry to hear about the rain, we have a lot of that in England, although luckily we are not under water (yet!) I hope you didn’t get into trouble for getting onto the white sofa. Sending you hugs from across the pond!

    • Thanks, Miss Lucy! No, I didn’t get in trouble for hopping onto the sofa (I’m sure my sweet face keeps me away from the doghouse!!) As for the rain, we had nearly three inches just today alone! You can imagine how those poor baby corn plants look, floating in water!

        • Miss Lucy, Mama expects the corn will have to be replanted, at least some of the underwater fields. ‘Tis a pity … and an unnecessary expense. They probably should have waited a bit longer for the weather to moderate before putting seed in the ground.

  2. “Happy Thursday, efurryone!!”

    Dallas, that cracked me up! You are one clever and witty dog!!!

    So glad to hear that you had your annual Easter Egg Hunt. LOVE the photographs! And I hope your pupperoni was tasty! I love pupperoni on pizza – HA!

    Always enjoy your posts, Dallas! Tell Mama I said Hi and to have a great weekend, okay?

    X and woof!

    P.S. And as if I’ve never told you this before, but you are SUCH a CUTE doggie!

    • Gee, thanks, Mr. Ron! I so loved my egg hunt — and having The Kid home was fabulous! Don’t tell Mama, but she’s done egg hunts for me all by herself and they’re not near as FUN as when The Kid’s here, too. So much squealing, laughter, and activity then, ha!

      You have a great weekend, too. We finally sent all that rain away, but I fear it might pour on the East Coast now. Here’s hoping you don’t have any flooding! xx

    • Miss Bella, an egg hunt is SO much fun — you should get some for Miss Roxy. I know she’d love the attention (I sure do!), and after the first go round, why, I’m ready and eager for the second and third. Yes, Mama and The Kid send me outside, hide a bunch of eggs, then bring me in to find them. The next time, they use different hiding places. Licky kisses to the sassy miss!

  3. As long as the hunt happens, the exact day isn’t all that important. After all — the excitement was over and done with for your friends, and you still had a chance to enjoy yourself with your family!

    • Miss Linda, we doggins don’t really know how to tell time. As you pointed out, Easter is the same as any other day for me. I do get excited though when I see Mama and The Kid bring out the eggs and the Pupperoni! They send me outside so I won’t see where they’re hiding them, but it’s a noisy bunch of fun when I run around the house searching for them. Thanks for understanding!

  4. Oh Dallas, I’ve never even considered pepperoni eggs before. What an excellent idea. I’m glad you and mama had a fun egg hunt with the Kid, I sure miss my big kid. I hope the rain levels off soon. We were in a drought for 5 years, then two years ago we had massive flooding and the whole drought was over in less than two weeks! Did I mention you are too adorable? 😀

  5. What a tasty treat for someone so special, Dallas. I’m glad you Mom and big brother did that for you. Henry and Oliver want to know if they can take part in the Easter Egg Hunt next year, but I’ll let them know you’re not keen on sharing, lol. Enjoy the treats. Happy Easter, kiddo.

    • Miss Monica, I imagine Sir Henry and Little Oliver would LOVE their own egg hunt (hint, hint!!) You might give it a try. And since we dogs don’t tell time, they’d never know if you made a trial run before Easter gets here!!

  6. Hi Dallas!

    Good heavens! Your humans make you hunt for treats??? Is this some kind of new torture?? We hope our servant doesn’t read this post – we don’t want her getting ideas! Though now we think of it, it might be fun to hide her chocolate… hehe!

    Tommy and Tuppence

    • Hi Tommy and Tuppence! Not “make” me; “allow” me!! They lace plastic eggs with special dog treats and let me use my nose to find them, bust into them, and eat the goodies. It’s LOADS of fun for a dog. I’d think kitties would enjoy it, too, since you’re such good hunters!!

  7. Why FUN! Way to use your nose, Dallas! I bet you would be super at scent work!
    The rain! Our new landscaping (4 French drains and dog friendly rock on top) has made a world of difference with the mud, but playing outside is a challenge. And I clean up all the long hair dogs before they head home. Last Friday, I broke my own record —13 baths and blowdrys. The April rain better bring beautiful flowers!

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