Nature’s Splendor

Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world. ~Virgil A. Kraft, U.S. Methodist minister

Perhaps Nature springs forth her best effort
n what to man might seem an unseemly place
ext to shabby surroundings such glory is
issed by resplendence from above.

Delicate masses of cotton candy blossoms
verlook a small yard in a country town
reeting residents and visitors alike
ith jaw-dropping beauty and grace
nly a pickup truck mars this scene
nly a rather dilapidated working truck
rive it off and let Nature’s splendor unfold!

Note: Another Acrostic poem. Seemed like time for the challenge.

31 thoughts on “Nature’s Splendor

    • Thanks, Lucy. You’re probably right. This ugly truck thought it could share the tree’s beauty and thereby be pretty, too. Kind of like the ugly guy with the drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend, ha!!

  1. It sure looks to me as though there’s a person in there. I’m for letting the truck and its driver stay. Perhaps he stopped to admire the tree, too. The truck certainly does mar the scene aesthetically. But as it is, the photo’s a nice reminder that even in the midst of ordinary days and ordinary chores, we can find beauty if we stop and look.

    • Linda, I blew up the picture and think what you’re seeing as a person is actually a piece of paper. Or maybe a clipboard propped up. Anyway, I’m glad to know I didn’t get some unsuspecting worker in my photo, ha! Thanks for looking on the bright side and urging us to see beauty whenever and wherever we can. Such mindfulness doesn’t take long, but it does require a certain awareness, doesn’t it?!

      • I have a wonderful book I still having read, titled “Learning to See.” If it’s worth while, I’ll probably say more about it — but there’s no question that we have to learn to see. For a lot of people these days, that could start with putting down the phone!

        • We all do that! I’ve hit that Send button too often before rereading what I’ve written — and that egg on my face doesn’t taste too good later!! Besides, I kind of knew what you meant here.

  2. Debbie, I loved this post – starting with the quote you shared at the beginning; to the gorgeous photograph of the pink dogwood tree; to your beautiful words!

    And how clever you are in using the first letter of each word to start each sentence!

    I read this three times and SMILED!

    Isn’t nature GRAND?

    Thanks for sharing its beauty, my friend. Hope you’re having faaaaabulous week!

    • Ron, I’m so happy you liked my photo and poem! I’ve long had a special place in my heart for Dogwoods. When they’re in full bloom, they can be just spectacular!

      Hope your week is going well! xx

  3. Debbie, You are so clever with your Pink Dogwood acrostic poem. It’s a challenge I need to someday try myself. And “Cotton candy blossoms” is very descriptive, whipping up a beautiful image!

    • I can’t imagine anybody getting tired of seeing dogwoods in full bloom, Lana! Still, they’d look a little silly amid Fall reds and yellows, not to mention Winter’s snow!

      • I think Mother Nature likes to demonstrate her quirky sense of humor every now and then 😀 I can’t get used to places that have actual seasons. We started summer in about February with a couple of days in the 80s….yes, the 80s!

        • I remember that well from when I lived in Texas. The hard part for me was going to bed and hearing the weather guys say the temps were still hanging at around 90. Ugh!

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