I Think I Can…

You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt. ~Author Unknown

Dallas here.

As time goes on, I’m learning something about my mama.

She’s got a Green Thumb.

In case you don’t know, this is a tomato plant — specifically, a Roma Tomato.

See the babies hanging all over it??

I remember when Mama brought this thing home.

It was a skinny stick about six inches tall with a few bedraggled leaves.

I didn’t think it would hang around long. I figured it would die, and Mama would turn her attention to something more important.

Like me.

Or that novel she’s supposed to be marketing.

No such luck.

Mama cleaned a huge pot and filled it with something called Miracle Grow, placing the tiny stick in the middle.

Optimistic, I thought, as I watched the proceedings.

Then she fertilized it with Epsom salt (her aunt swears by it) and water.

Every day she goes outside to take a look at it, pick off “suckers,” check the stakes, and talk nice to it.

Like that’s going to help.

But it must have because here we are several weeks later, and this monster is sharing my patio.

Now Mama does just fine with flowers and such, but this is the first tomato she’s attempted. She’s hopeful the babies will ripen and who knows? They probably will.

Must be beginner’s luck.

Beginning to ripen!!

23 thoughts on “I Think I Can…

  1. How exciting! I don’t have enough sunshine to try tomatoes, but I think it would be wonderfully fun. Congrats on your first crop! I know that chickens and ducks like to eat tomatoes — do dogs?

    • Thanks, Miss Linda. I Dallas don’t think I’ve ever had a tomato. There’s a substance in green tomatoes that’s not good for doggies, but ripened ones are okay in small doses. I never bother looking at the plant actually, so Mama doesn’t have to worry about me tasting it.

  2. Hey, Dallas! I hope you are well. Those baby tomatoes are delightful! You probably shouldn’t eat them, though, in case your mamma gets cross with you. I don’t know if they are good for doggy tummies.

    • Miss Lucy, the American Kennel Club advises against feeding dogs tomatoes because they’re members of the nightshade family and contain solanine (which can be harmful). I’m not particularly interested in this whole experiment of Mama’s. I merely wish this plant had not grow so immense that it hogs my patio. And I’d rather not have to listen while Mama talks to it, either!

  3. Hellooooooooooo Dallas!

    Great to hear from you, buddy! GREAT post…as usual:)

    Please tell Mama I said, BRAVA on bringing that tomato plant back to life. I can hardly believe the before and after photographs, it looks like a completely different plant!

    And thanks for the tip about the Epsom salt, who knew?

    Unlike Mama, I have a black thumb when it comes to growing plants, flowers, etc. I kill everything. I’ve even killed a silk plant – HA!

    Have a great week, Dallas! And tell Mama I said, Hello!

    • Mr. Ron, seriously? You’ve killed a silk plant? That’s too funny! Maybe I Dallas need to come live with you while Mama is babysitting this ridiculous tomato plant. I can’t imagine why she wanted to grow the thing in the first place and to have it get so big with so many babies on it is just irksome.

      I can only hope Fall will arrive soon so the thing really will die off, and Mama can get back to paying proper attention to ME!

      Happy week to you — woof!!

  4. Ah, Dallas, it seems to us that your Mama would be better spending her time growing a dog biscuit tree! Sometimes these humans forget that they’re only here to serve us. You must give her a gentle reminder – wet nose on the back of the neck when she’s least expecting it is always a good one, we find…

    Take care, and tell your Mama to enjoy the fruits of her labours…

    Love, Tommy and Tuppence xx

    • I Dallas knew you two would understand! A dog biscuit tree would be perfect, and now that Mama thinks she’s got a green thumb, why, she needs to give one a try. Two benefits I can see: treats for me and a nice boost to her self-confidence. Thanks for the suggestion, Tommy and Tuppence!!

  5. Oh, Dallas, I know you feel like that massive plant is invading, but it is so beautiful! I love tomatoes. Your mom has some wonderful talent growing plants, I wouldn’t dare show her a photo of my tomatoes, ha ha. I have never heard of Epsom salt as a fertilizer, I must research that! Happy Dog Days of Summer dear Dallas 😀

  6. Now Dallas, you need to be more supportive of your mom’s efforts! Katie LOVES tomatoes and you might too, if you try a little piece of one Is she going to make tomato sauce with those Romas? They should be getting red any time now. Your job might be to make sure no marauding squirrels steal the fruit!

    • Did you say squirrels, Miss Dawn? Those I can take care of! Mama hasn’t seen any poking around her tomato, but she doesn’t watch it all the time either. Hmm, I like spaghetti — maybe I can get her to make me some with those tomatoes (thanks for the suggestion!)

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