Farewell to Fall

Autumn is the season of change. ~Taoist proverb

Anticipating a wicked storm followed by a cold front on Sunday evening, I decided to get in a walk so you all could enjoy what might be our last taste of Autumn this year.

Temps were in the low 70s (!) on Sunday, but fell to the 40s overnight. And while this hasn’t been the prettiest Fall we’ve had, it’s had its beauty. Take a look and see if you agree:

Maple turning shades of yellow

Becoming red and orange

Somebody’s got some raking to do!

Pretty in red

Golden splendor

This one had better hurry up!

The Midas touch

Another maple wearing a golden frock

Spectacular Bradford pear

Leafy lawn; leafy sidewalk

Contrasting gold and crimson

28 thoughts on “Farewell to Fall

  1. The colours are beautiful! There is something special about the changing of the seasons, although I can’t say I welcomed the frost that greeted me this morning.
    In other news, your book arrived the other day! I haven’t started it yet as I have my hands very full at the moment, but it’s here and I couldn’t be happier!

    • Thanks, Lucy — glad you enjoyed seeing our Fall trees. I’m not ready for snow and ice, but I’m afraid they’ll arrive regardless. Oooh, you got my book? Thanks, friend, and I expect you to give me an honest review (meaning, if you hate it, you’ll feel free to say so — and maybe tell me where I can improve next time!!)

  2. Lovely colours! Not many of our trees round here change into pretty colours, but I still like them when they go all naked and twiggy for the winter – nicely dramatic against the stormy skies.

  3. What a wonderful collection of images, Debbie. We’re still doing hot and humid and green, but surely there will be a change sometimes. Won’t there?

    That last photo of the contrasting gold and crimson is gorgeous. I especially like the bush or shrub or whatever it is.

    • Oh, yes, I’m sure Fall’s coolness will reach you eventually. Of course, I lived farther north, where we did need heavy coats (once in a while), and the streets did ice over (again, once in a while). I’m not sure, but I believe that crimson bush is a Japanese maple. It’s a smaller ornamental (Acer palmatum) and quite popular around here (must mean they grow well and don’t require too much tending!)

  4. Debbie it’s so ironic you posted this today because I plan on posting about Fall later this week. I too went out for a long walk last night, with the intent of taking pictures of our trees. Like your area, our Fall has not had the “color” of previous years. However, I have a feeling we’ll be getting more of Fall later this month after we get colder weather. It’s been a very strange Fall because we’ve had a lot of warm and humid days (and weeks).

    Your photographs are gorgeous!

    Don’t you love when the leaves fall on the grass, leaving a beautiful carpet of colorful foliage?

    And I love the sound they make when you walk through them!

    Thanks so much for sharing my favorite season!

    Have a super week, my friend!

    • Ron, I love that our minds were working on the same track about it being time to post Fall photos! I can hardly wait to see yours, my friend.

      We’ve had way warmer temperatures than are usual, but now we’re having a nice cool snap, and the trees are responding with color. The reds, oranges, and yellows stand out brilliantly against the trees that are still green.

      Our WalMart had Halloween candy on sale, so I loaded up on candy corn and thought of you, ha! xo

  5. Such pretty pictures of the fall foliage. I love the contrast between the reds and gold. Back in the days, Cole believed the fairies painted the leaves. We would watch each tree “color out.” Of course, the boy fairies were the fastest painters. Maybe he still believes I never told him differently :-D. This is my favorite season and time of year.
    It stormed here most of the weekend but I wasn’t feeling great so a rainy weekend wasn’t too bad.

    • Love your story about Cole thinking the fairies painted the trees each Fall — our kids need silly, sentimental memories that they can always associate with childhood. The reality of this world hits them soon enough! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. I’ve noticed that it’s consistently a bit cooler there than downstate, though Friday here is supposed to be in the 30s. Brr!

    • Thanks, Lana. I remember getting a taste of Fall when I was in Texas. The thing I enjoyed most was that it would get cold but then warm back up; here, we might not see warmth again for many a month!

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