Sunday’s Gem — Unakite

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ~Albert Einstein

With the reds and greens of Christmas all around us, I thought it was time to discuss the beautiful salmon and green colored gemstone called Unakite.

8 mm round Unakite beads

Unakite is a coarse-grained granitic rock containing pink orthoclase and pistachio-green epidote. First discovered in the Unaka mountain range of eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina, Unakite rates a 6-7 on the Mohs scale (1-10) of hardness (meaning it’s relatively soft and prone to scratches and breaks).

Rarely used in commercial or fine jewelry, Unakite is embraced by craft jewelers for cabochons and beads. Other uses include flooring tiles and windowsills; likely the most famous use is as a trimming to the front steps of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

Healers associate Unakite with two chakras, the third eye for its use in vision, and the heart, for balancing emotions. It’s said to be especially beneficial for promoting a healthy pregnancy and labor, as well as for lifting depressed spirits, uncovering deception, quieting fears, and boosting mental toughness.

Legends claim Unakite can lead you to find things that were lost. Unakite is believed to help you heal from trauma or major illness by encouraging the cells to “remember” a state of perfect health.

Bracelet featuring 4 mm round Unakite beads and oval Unakite beads (yes, I made it!)

Feng Shui experts say Unakite uses wood energy, enhancing new beginnings, physical growth, and abundance. Wood energy is traditionally associated with the east and southeast areas of a home or room. Place Unakite where you are beginning a new project.

Unakite offers a slow yet consistent energy, teaching patience and perseverance. Wear it in a necklace, keep it near to support various activities like work, or meditate by holding it. Clean it with a soft cloth and soapy water (no ultrasonic cleaners) and store it separately so as not to mar its surface.

Note: The claims here aren’t meant to take the place of medical advice. They’re based on folklore and other sources, and likely “work” best if one’s belief is strong enough!

18 thoughts on “Sunday’s Gem — Unakite

  1. If it helps in finding lost things, wouldn’t it be a great stone to use on a key chain? I know this — if I had a house, and an unlimited budget, I’d put those floor tiles and counters in my huge, plant-decorated bath immediately. Oh, my gosh — that would be so beautiful!

    And you’re right that the red and green is nicely seasonal. Perhaps we’ll find that unakite can inspire humans to finish their Christmas decorating!

    • The bathroom of your dreams sounds lovely, Linda! Of course, it would be hard to leave a place that inviting, ha!

      I always rely on St. Anthony to help me find lost things, but maybe unakite helps, too. I kind of like that it represents new beginnings, though. Seems like a good time of year for that sort of thing!

  2. Debbie, you are so right, with Christmas all around us, this is the perfect gemstone to feature!

    What a BEAUTIFUL stone!

    ” Unakite is embraced by craft jewelers for cabochons and beads. Other uses include flooring tiles and windowsills.”

    Yes, and I’ve seen it used in those ways; especially floor and wall tiles in kitchens.

    “Healers associate Unakite with two chakras, the third eye for its use in vision, and the heart, for balancing emotions.”

    Now that is so interesting to me because I did not know that; therefore you taught me something.

    LOVE the bracelet you created, it’s faaaabulous!

    Once again, my friend, thanks so much for sharing an interesting and informative gemstone post!

    Have a super Sunday!

    • Thank you, Ron. I’d love to see unakite on the steps at the Smithsonian — what a wonderful, decorative use for this stone!

      Frankly, while I enjoy having some unakite around, it’s far from my favorite gemstone. I think it’s just too fragile and too unassuming. I much prefer something that catches the light and twinkles prettily, ha!

      Hope you’re enjoying this week before Christmas … and not working too hard! xo

    • Thanks, FF. I lean more toward a solid-colored stone, but I imagine the decorative architectural use of something like unakite would be lovely. In fact, I really like gems that sparkle and glitter! These just don’t. They sit there without refracting light. Kind of boring, really, ha!

  3. Very charming beads, Debbie. I love the concept of Wood Energy and who couldn’t use all available help in the process of new beginnings? It was also interesting to note that it is used in trimming the steps to the Smithsonian. I love gemstones, they are among my favorite things.

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