Here We Grow Again

Construction begins
New heart center underway
Growth sometimes messy

Note: Our regional hospital is expanding again. This phase is scheduled to open in 2018, providing an additional 65,000 square feet for a variety of cardiac services.

Note 2: For 2018 I’ve decided to participate in WordPress’s weekly Photo Challenge. Join me … and hundreds of other bloggers eager for a prompt and a chance to expand our readership. This week’s topic is Growth. Come on, you can come up with something by next Tuesday, right?

11 thoughts on “Here We Grow Again

  1. HA! Debbie I LOVE your post title….so clever!!!

    And that’s awesome about the expansion of your regional hospital! Brava!

    I look forward to seeing your entries for this photo challenge, my friend!

    Have a grrrrreat weekend!

    • Thank you for your encouragement, Ron. Not totally sure if I want to post a photo every week of the year, but it seems like a good challenge. And maybe it will inspire me to focus more on creativity … and that might help me write my novel faster. Can you see how I’m rationalizing this decision, ha?!?

      I’m glad to see our hospital expanding. I imagine it will mean more jobs for this area (and certainly more income for the medical profession … as if they need that!!)

      Enjoy the rest of your week, my friend! xo

    • HaHa, you’re trying to turn me into a poet!! The way I understand “the rules,” you simply need to post a photo that interprets the topic they’ve selected. I guess a brief explanation, a poem, a quote, or nothing at all is acceptable. This is the first time I’ve played along, so I’m kind of winging it! We’ll see how it goes and if it becomes burdensome, I can always drop out.

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