Welcome, Janus*

Look closely, and you can see tiny buds on this maple tree — gives me hope that Spring will arrive and erase this frigid winter!

One year passes by
New one arrives with promise
Make it a great one!


*Note: Janus was the Roman god of new beginnings. Typically, he’s pictured as two bearded faces on one head, and the faces are looking in opposite directions (over the past and toward the future). Happy 2018, everybody!

23 thoughts on “Welcome, Janus*

  1. Happy New Year, Debbie. Do not look at those buds as a sign of spring. They were set in the fall and will be snoozing until late March. Let’s see If my calculations are right that’s 90 days of snow, sleet, and dead of night. (ugh)

    • Logic tells me you’re spot on, John, but oh, how I don’t want to hear it!! And with the way winter has started, we’ll probably be wearing boots, mittens, and coats over our Easter frocks, ha!

  2. Oh, what faaaaaaaaabulous words for the new year, Debbie!

    “Make it a great one!”

    As you know, I love winter and all that comes with it (the cold, th snow, etc.) So I’m enjoying this weather right now. I know this sounds strange, but this is truly “my” time of the year.

    Happy New Year, dear friend! Looking forward to blogging with you this year!!!!

    Cheers and X to you and Dallas!

    • Ron, I’d think that even people who LOVE winter would be tired of this one already! It got kind of a late start, but wow, when it got wound up, it made up for lost time. Temps haven’t been above freezing since I can’t remember. We haven’t really had that much snow; it’s just the bitter cold.

      Happy New Year to you as well, and I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the winter (I much prefer Fall and Spring, ha!)


    • FF, this is totally unusual for us. Sure, we get winter’s cold and snow, but this deep freeze is wretched. Certainly gives the climate change argument some substance! Happy New Year to you as well.

  3. I just realized I’ve had my blackeyed peas, but I haven’t had my cabbage — so the cabbage is a-cooking. It’s funny how these customs take hold, but they make holidays like this fun. It’s probably pure superstition that the peas will bring luck and the cabbage money, but why take a chance — especially when you can get dinner out of the deal?

    Happy New Year to you, and best wishes for a moderation in temps. I fear you’re going to have to wait a bit for spring!

    • We, too, had that blackeyed peas-and-cabbage meal (why mess with tradition, right?). Domer went back early so he wouldn’t have to eat what he calls his least favorite meal of the year (followed closely by the corned beef on St. Paddy’s Day!) He’s a dyed-in-the-wool little Yankee, and that’s fine by me. Besides, his “failure” to partake of the traditional fare doesn’t seem to hurt him any!

      Hope your New Year’s celebration was fun. I retired early, figuring I’d see as many replays of the ball dropping as I’d need.

    • Poor Audrey. That’s exactly what we have. You know the weather folks are struggling when they get all excited about temperatures climbing into the teens. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  4. Happy New Year, Debbie! It is really cold in North Texas too. We have had an entire week of it! It will be in the 40s tomorrow, and I’m so happy I could do somersaults, LOL. Great photo of the tree against that brilliant blue sky!

    • Thank you, Lana. I saw where even Florida had sleet and snow! Perhaps down south, they love it, but here, realizing it probably won’t go away until May, it’s overkill. At least our roads are mostly clear … for now. Hope you had a great holiday!

  5. Happy New Year Debbie! I hope that you’ve thought some about playing with a community band again. They’ll be starting up the next part of their season about now, maybe next week. Not that you have to start at the beginning of a section to their season…but they’ll be looking at new music for a spring (ish) concert and everyone will be sight reading. Just a nudge. I KNOW you would enjoy it!

    • Thanks for that! I’m shaking in my boots … and mittens. But I’m eager to play in a real band again (and have been having dreams/nightmares for weeks, ha!)

  6. I’m SO EXCITED!!!! Yes, I did miss that post. And you’re learning a new instrument to do this too! That’s doubly exciting! I can’t wait to hear how it all goes! I think you are going to have SO MUCH FUN!!!!

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