Various Rainbows

Rainbows make me smile
Storm finished; sunshine returns
Easing the tension.

These shots were taken at different times of the year following different storms. Rainbows in the sky promise a spell of quiet, happiness, and peace.

Note: This collage is my interpretation of Variations on a Theme, this week’s topic in WordPress’s 2018 Photo Challenge. It’s not too late to get in on the fun, you know!

21 thoughts on “Various Rainbows

    • Gee, Lucy, thank you for your lovely compliment! I think I’m beginning to like writing Haiku, when all through school I never even tried one. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?!!

  1. *thunderous applause*

    GORGEOUS photographs, Debbie, especially that first one!!!

    Rainbows make me smile as well because they’re so special and magical.

    “Rainbows in the sky promise a spell of quiet, happiness, and peace.”

    LOVED that!

    Thanks so much for sharing, my friend. Have a faaaabulous rest of your week!

    • Thank you, Ron. I’m glad my collection made you smile, too! There’s just something special about rainbows. Perhaps it’s because they’re so rare. Or maybe because they indicate a storm is over! Hey, tomorrow’s Friday already!! xx

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