Making Music Together

Son, dog, and music
Just three special things I love
Making my life full.

The idea behind Beloved, this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge theme, is to display a photo of something that is dearly loved. Well, gee, that’s not hard, is it? We all have something or someone we love. Here are the instructions if you’d like to join the fun. And before you ask, Dallas does not sing to my flute; he seems to have a preference for brass instruments!

13 thoughts on “Making Music Together

  1. Debbie, I absolutely LOVE this post – both your words and photograph – are so spot on for this challenge. OMG…that picture of Dallas is so precious! I can so see him singing onstage one day, perhaps, in a new Broadway musical about dogs entitled: “Dog Day Afternoon” – HA!

    Thanks for the smiles, my friend!
    X to you and Dallas

    • Aw, thank YOU, my friend! Dallas would probably be only too happy to sing onstage — until he realized people were staring at him, ha! What puzzles me is why he sings to a trumpet and not my flute. To each his own, right?

      Happy rest of your week! xo

  2. I was so confused when I first saw the photo, Debbie. I thought maybe you’d taken up another instrument. It’s even better that Domer was there joining in the fun, and that Dallas clearly was getting into the spirit of it all!

    • Linda, I probably should have clarified *when* this photo was taken. Domer was just entering his senior year at college, and the band was having tryouts to determine who was going to Ireland for their first football game of the season (yes, he made it!).

      These photo challenges give you merely a week to come up with a picture that follows the theme they’ve chosen. So sometimes all of us pick photos we took back in the day, have used before, or whatever. Not a perfect situation, I suppose, but that’s the downside of one of these challenges. I for one would hate to have to come up with a different theme for 52 weeks of a year! (I said when I started 2018 that this was my goal for the year, but I was leery I’d enjoy it — so far, I’m on track so there’s that!)

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