Right on Schedule

I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in. ~George Washington Carver, African-American botanist and inventor

Dallas was making a terrible barking racket yesterday morning. At first, I thought he’d cornered a squirrel, but then I caught sight of these migrating birds. Geese, perhaps?

Racing for the outside, I was stunned at how many there were filling the sky overhead, snaking their way to points northwest of here. And the noise they were generating! Well, listen for yourselves:


Isn’t Nature amazing?!!


19 thoughts on “Right on Schedule

  1. You said it Debbie….AMAZING indeed! And I love the quote shared!

    This is why I relish spending time outdoors, sitting in the park; taking long walks; and walking along the river waterways we have here. I love city life, however, I need that connection with nature as well, for balance.

    Great photo capture and video clip!

    Have a faaaaaaaaabulous Monday, my friend!

    • Isn’t that just the most relatable quote?? Glad you liked my birds — I was surprised at how FAST they flew overhead. If I’d taken time to grab my camera instead of my phone, they’d have all been gone!

      Enjoy your week, my friend. And the Super Bowl victory, too! xo

    • Did they fly over your house, too, Kb? From the best I could see, they were headed in a northwest direction, so they might have missed you. Maybe they were going to the Super Bowl, ha!!

  2. What a wonderful sight. The geese used to come over my area, but their flight patterns have changed, so I rarely see them now. I did see a flock of sandhill cranes on Sunday. There weren’t nearly so many, and they are quiet sorts — no honking and such when they fly!

    You’re right that they move fast. I’m so glad you captured them, and thought to share them with us!

    • I’m glad I was able to, too. It seemed like the cloudy skies cleared off just enough for me to get a decent capture, and it was comfortable enough outside that I never missed my coat. In hindsight, if I’d taken time to bundle up and position the camera for the perfect shot, I’d have missed them!

      We regularly have geese of some kind here year round. There are plenty of retaining ponds and lakes for them to enjoy. And I often see a few of them (a countable number) soar across the sky. This was way different. It looked like a colony migration due to the number of participants. Which kind of leads me to wonder, How do they know when and where to fly??

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