Sweet Dessert

Deliciously sweet

Booze, mint, cream, and Oreos

St. Patrick’s Day treat


Note: I’m participating in the WordPress Photo Challenge for 2018. This week’s topic is Sweet, and you have until next Wednesday if you’d like to participate. For anyone interested in making this yummy Southern dessert called Grasshopper Pie, here’s one recipe.

20 thoughts on “Sweet Dessert

  1. Debbie, this looks sooooooooooo delcious! What a great combination of ingredients. Yum-my!

    Happy Pre-St. Patrick’s Day, my friend! And also….Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Ron, you know me — this Irish gal is always ready to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day, and a minty green sweet pie is a fine way to do that! It gets bonus points, too, for how easy it is to prepare, despite how complicated that Pioneer Woman makes it sound, ha!

      Hope your Valentine’s Day was sweet and that you’re enjoying this brief warm-up in our weather! xo

  2. The Pioneer Woman has her dates a little off. Grasshopper pie was making the rounds of small town Iowa social occasions starting at least in 1960. People did love their exotic liqueurs and liquors in those days. Just for grins, I started listing the drinks: Black Russian, White Russian, Fuzzy Navel, salty dog, Harvey Wall Banger, Side Car, Singapore Sling, Tom Collins, Brandy Alexander, and — the Grasshopper!

    No wonder the pie’s so good — and no wonder I sometimes got shipped off to the neighbors when my parents and their friends had a really good party!

    • Linda, that doesn’t surprise me about the dates. I find many of her recipes to be way more complicated than they need be, too. I think we’ve made Grasshopper Pie with Cool Whip instead of heavy cream (probably better on one’s waistline, ha!)

      You know, I think I recall hearing about some of those exotic sweet drinks you mentioned. A girlfriend introduced me to the Grasshopper, which I found exceedingly wonderful … and so pretty. Of course, I’m a sucker for green things (except Lima beans, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli — ugh!)

  3. Debbie, your pie reminds me of a drink we blended up in university: several scoops of vanilla ice cream with Kailua, Creme de cacao, Creme de Menthe, Baileys & Oreo cookies. We usually ate it with a spoon. 🍸🍨😜🍨🍸

    • Ooh, that sounds delicious, Virginia! A bit harder to put together than popping the top off a beer but in many ways, the fanciness appeals to me. I understand the drink came before the pie, but they both are appealing!

  4. Beautiful and yummy! I have a history with this pie. The grasshopper was my very first “adult beverage.” A taste when I was a very little girl. My grandmother loved to make this pie. Very tasty! My sweet mother swears that a bit of crème de methe over vanilla ice cream is the perfect dessert in a pinch. The Pioneer Woman—ask me about her someday.
    Hope you are warm and toasty.

    • I think your sweet mother is right! Satisfies the need for something sweet (and putting a curl of chocolate on top would make it even better, but I suspect she already knows that!). Hmm, yes, you’ve piqued my interest about the Pioneer Woman. She does seem to go around her elbow to get to her thumb. We were at 67 yesterday but supposed to be 39 today. Up and down, that’s the way of late winter/early spring here — the one constant is the gray sky. Hope some of your mountains of snow are melting (and not refreezing overnight!)

    • No sugar?? That would be so hard! I enjoy just a little something sweet after a meal. I could probably get the same effect from brushing my teeth, but chocolate just keeps calling my name, ha!

      • Yeah no sugar for me but thank God for Splenda. I was a sugarholic for many years. My mom was and 2 of my kids and one niece. My addiction was very serious. Before I gave it up I at all cakes and no real food. I do eat a lot of Splenda a day. My brain still craves sugar very bad. I make sweet treats for others all the time but never eat it. I told God that when I get to heaven I want to eat my favorite food for 20 years straight. LOL!

        Chocolate is sooo good it’s crazy. What other food in the world is as good as chocolate? NOTHING!
        1. Chocolate chip cookies
        2. pound cake
        3. strawberry short cake
        4. Cheese cake
        5. sweet potato pie
        6. Ice cream
        7. brownies
        These are the top of my list

        My two favorite pleasures
        1.Kit Kats
        2. Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies

        You see I’m a professional sweet expert!

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