Smile for the Camera

Happiness is a warm puppy. ~Charles M. Schulz, American cartoonist (creator of Peanuts)

Hugging a best friend

Brings a smile to both faces

Love without limits.

Note: For the WordPress Photo Challenge this week, we’re asked to show something or someone who makes us smile, whether it’s a literal smile (ours or another’s) or something that’s brought joy to our lives. I snapped this shot of my son (who doesn’t want to be identified) and our dog Dallas (who’s a shameless camera hog!) back in 2014. These two make me smile!

18 thoughts on “Smile for the Camera

  1. A boy and his dog! Makes me smile too! They love their brothers even when they really should bite them—as they race into the room, destroy their peaceful slumber spin them around and give them a hearty hug….or is that just my house. :

    • HaHa, no, it’s not just at your house!! The Domer is wont to do the same thing with his furry brother — scoop him up when he’s snoozing, give him hugs when Dallas would rather be begging food … yep, must be catching!! Glad to hear it’s not just at MY house!!

    • Thanks, John. I suspect Twiggy will never need a brother, with two sisters to tease! Tell Lucy and Bailey that at least the wee one won’t steal clothes from their closets or makeup from their drawer in the bathroom!!

  2. Lovely picture, Debbie! Yeah, boys are so big and tough and hard… till you stick them near a gorgeous wee furry animal! I remember catching my brother singing to Tuppence one day – he still denies it, of course… 😉

    • Love that story about your brother — too bad Tuppence won’t tell! But that’s the way it is with our furry family members. We ALL tell them things we’d never tell anyone else (and Dallas, for sure, has licked off his fair share of tears to brighten our days!)

  3. Debbie, both your words and this photograph brought a HUGE smile to my face 🙂 OMG…you know how much I adore Dallas and his cute little face and sweet eyes, so I would LOVE to hug him.

    ((((((((((((((( DALLAS ))))))))))))))))

    “Love without Limits”

    How true! Isn’t something how they are born with a natural sense of unconditional love? We as humans can learn a lot from our four-legged friends!

    Thanks so much for sharing this sweetness, my friend!

    Have a faaaaaabulous weekend!

    • Gee, Ron, I’m so glad you liked it. Domer, of course, even back then didn’t want to face the camera, but he was glad to let Dallas do so. I’m glad both of them let me capture this memory because I do smile when I think of the two of them together!

      I saw on TV that Washington’s cherry trees are in bloom now — how I wish I could see them! By any chance, were you heading that way with your camera?? I understand it’s supposed to be a snowy weekend for you — and even you snow-lovers are probably ready for spring, right?!

      Happy Friday, my friend! xx

  4. I think Dallas is one of the most appealing doggies I know. He looks like he’d be wonderful fun to pet and play with — and Domer certainly knows how to do it, from the looks of that photo! It’s amazing how much our animals add to our lives — I’m glad you still have half of this pair to keep you company!

    • So very true, Linda! And despite Dallas’s age (11), he always perks up when Domer comes home. It’s like he gets a new lease on life! I miss his puppy days, but we know when we get a pet that they won’t live forever. How are you holding up without Dixie Rose? Have you succumbed to the urge to get another??

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