18 thoughts on “Sleep Interrupted

  1. OMG Dallas….you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dang CUTE!

    And yes, I get that way too whenever I’m hungry. I get very loud an very thundery 🙂

    Always enjoy your posts, you adorable canine!

    P.S. Please tell Mama I said hello!

    • Why, thank you, Mr. Ron! I’ll be sure to tell Mama that even people get that way, too. She doesn’t so much, but she’s weird like that. Don’t tell her I said that! xx

  2. That quotation just cracked me up. It’s absolutely true. When Dixie wanted me up, I was getting up. End of story. It looks like Dallas has tendencies that way, too. Of course, if there’s thunder and lightning around, I want to get up and make coffee anyway, just in case the power goes out!

    • Miss Linda, Mama had unplugged her computer before going to bed, in preparation for the early morning rumblies. I don’t worry too much about the power as long as Mama puts my food bowl down on time!

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