We Remember

A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen. ~Edward de Bono, Maltese physician, philosopher, author

Like with JFK’s passing
Or the Challenger explosion,
Life-altering events
Uniting us all.
We remember:
Where we were
What we were doing
When 9/11/01 rolled around.

An ordinary day
For work or school.
Cloudless skies
Became dark with terror.
We remember:
Planes hitting buildings,
Selfless heroes
Too many gone too soon.

A flurry of prayers
Forgotten faith reignited.
Increased vigilance,
Stiffer security measures.
We remember:
And by remembering
Honor those who no longer can.

9 thoughts on “We Remember

  1. Debbie, this is so beautiful! Since early this morning I’ve been watching the news and also various videos of 9/11 and crying my eyes out. No matter how much time passes, this day always makes me very emotional. I plan on going to NY sometime next week and visiting the Memorial. I was thinking about going today, but I just couldn’t because of how emotional I would be on the actual day.

    Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful tribute, my friend.

    • I can’t watch the news videos rehashing this one, Ron. It’s just too painful. I didn’t lose anybody I knew in the attacks, but we all lost something. Maybe innocence; maybe our sense of security. Certainly, we lost a lot of people, and our world is in agony because of it.

      Visiting the Memorial sounds like an outstanding way to honor their bravery and courage. And yes, if I were you, I’d wait a few days, just so you’ll have some space between the footage and your visit. xo

  2. One of my memories of the day is the silence here after they grounded the airplanes and boats. With no planes in the air and no boats moving, the silence was eerie. I went to work, because there was nothing else to do. I’d managed to contact an aunt who lived on West 16th in Manhattan, and knew she was fine, so there was nothing to do but wait. In a sense, we’re all still waiting — although for what, maybe none of us is completely sure.

    • I agree, Linda. It’s like we keep expecting the other shoe to drop. Perhaps that’s the way folks with PTSD feel, aware that something bad has happened and “knowing” that more will follow. I’m glad your aunt was safe; I was fortunate not to have loved ones living in that area. I guess we all can be grateful that technology has progressed to allow us instant contact now in cases of disasters and/or triumphs.

  3. Powerful words Debbie. And the devastation has continued in the lives now being ruined by cancer and other illnesses, the after effects of the destruction.

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