The Kid Comes to Visit

The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears. ~John Vance Cheney, American poet and librarian

Dallas here.

The Kid (AKA Domer) came home on Saturday, and I nearly jumped out of my skin with excitement!

Me and my kid together again

It’s been AGES since I’ve seen him. (Mama says two months, but that’s ages to a dog).

He lets me lick him, even his face (something my mama never permits).

He taxis me up and down the stairs when my joints hurt.

He shares bananas and donuts with me in the mornings.

The whole house is noisier with laughter and activity, and I don’t feel the need to snooze all day because I know he’s going to do something fun, and I want to be in on it.

When I saw him, my tummy started fluttering, just thinking about The Feast — you know, turkey and all the trimmings, along with pumpkin pie.

But Mama says that happens the next time Domer comes home.


I could’ve sworn it was Fall. Mama decorated the house with leaves, little kids are back to riding those big yellow buses, something called football is on TV again, and it’s dark now when I get up in the morning.

Doesn’t that mean Fall?

And Fall means pie, right?

Looking back, I should’ve realized something was up. The Kid was here only a few days, not near long enough for a real feast.

He’s already gone back, and there’s an empty place in my heart to go along with the empty place in my tummy.

I’m missing The Feast and my kid.


15 thoughts on “The Kid Comes to Visit

  1. It is sad when loved ones leave! But you can wag your tail because it happened and dream of turkey to come while you snooze and you eat bananas? Rascal licks her brother’s face too…but we have a no lick agreement. Fall is here! Our favorite time of the year. Remind your Mom not to forget to put some time into your Halloween costume! That will cheer you both up!! 😀

    • Thank you, Miss Katybeth, for nudging Mama to get on a stick and start creating my Halloween costume! She forgets these things and then has to ride the Struggle Bus when the day finally shows up. Maybe this year will be different. She should have had The Kid help her while he was home. Oh, well, he can help long-distance!

  2. Dallas, I LOVE when you post! You had me smiling and laughing through this whole thing!!!! I could feel your excitement and joy over seeing Domer again. Oh and by the way, I enjoy a banana every morning as well. I eat that and a Luna protein bar for breakfast 🙂

    I am soooooooooooooo looking forward to Fall and Thanksgiving as well. Although you would never know it was Fall here because it’s been so hot and humid the past several weeks. I can’t wait for some nice crispy cold days and comfort food – pumpkin bread, apple cider, hot minestrone soup, turkey, and of course my favorite…pumpkin pie!

    Great hearing from you, Dallas! You’re still the cutest dog in the world. Love your picture!

    Tell Mama I said Hi!

    X to you both

    • My mama refuses to eat bananas so I don’t get them until The Kid comes home. Something about a fruit fly experiment when she was in high school that used mushy, rotten bananas. Sad, how teachers can wreck a person’s whole diet!

      Mr. Ron, your Fall foods list made me salivate! If Mama doesn’t come through with the good stuff, I’m hopping on a train and coming to visit at your house. xx

  3. Hey, Dallas! You really do look soooo happy in that picture – and very handsome too! It’s no fun to get all excited about something, just for it to be over so quickly. but Domer WILL be back before you know it and you can have lots more fun and adventures! Please give my love to Mama and all your lovely family – I think they are the best!

    • Why, thank you, Miss Lucy! Since I can’t tell time or read a calendar, I have to go by the subtle signals my mama gives me to learn when The Kid will come back. She always makes a BIG DEAL of cleaning the house and buying the special things he likes to eat. That’s one sign. Another is when she actually tells me, ‘Domer is coming home!’ That’s the best one, of course!!

  4. Bananas and doughnuts? I swear, Dallas — you’re my kind of critter when it comes to breakfast! Don’t worry about Domer leaving so soon. After all, he will be back, and when that happens — there will be pie!

    • Oh, Miss Linda, I do look forward to the pie and The Feast! Mama says all the “experts” say dogs shouldn’t have too much of the Feast, but I always get a wee bit. I’m family, you know, and she’d never even think of leaving me out!

  5. Aw, Dallas, we think your Mama should give you pie now to help fill that hole in your heart. Never mind, not long till The Feast… and there will be treats between now and then, we’re sure!

    Love, Tommy and Tuppence

    • Tommy and Tuppence, you are so right! Not a day goes by that my mama doesn’t fork over a treat of some sort. She says I’ve got “The Look” down pat — well, gee, I’ve had 11 years to practice, hee hee!! Love and licks from across the Pond!

    • So very true, Pat. And even though he’s as close as the Windy City, he’s busy with work and friends so he can’t come home every weekend. Nor can I go see him as often as I’d like. Makes our visits that much more special!

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